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Vietnam Hiring

Your employees are the ones who make a difference in your company. When it comes to running day-to-day operations, you need employees you can trust to build up your new location in Vietnam. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find the time to hire employees in Vietnam while you’re trying to establish a company. Globalization Partners can help with our Vietnam hiring outsourcing services. We’ll find top talent to work for you and make sure you stay compliant throughout the hiring process.

How to Hire Employees in Vietnam

It’s essential to focus on Vietnam’s culture when you’re hiring employees. Vietnamese people often participate in small talk, share personal information about their families and hobbies, and ask about their conversation partner’s background. Participating in these tasks are seen as relationship building and can make a difference in someone choosing your company over another.

The concept of “face” is important in Vietnam, and you should make sure you don’t damage anyone’s face. The Vietnamese often don’t say no, so you should always follow up to make sure you understand the entire negotiation process.

Vietnam Employment Compliance Laws and Regulations

One Vietnam employment compliance law is that you must have a written employment contract for every employee you hire. This contract should spell out compensation, benefits, and termination requirements in the local language. You should also include the salary and any other compensation amounts in Vietnam dong instead of a foreign currency.

The Vietnamese employees you hire should work a maximum of eight hours per day and six days per week. You are legally required to give employees one full day off per week, typically Sundays.

Onboarding Employees in This Country

Once you hire employees in Vietnam, you need to onboard them to make them familiar with the company, their position, and their coworkers. While Vietnam employment compliance laws do not dictate one way to onboard employees, you can take steps to make these individuals more comfortable.

Try to travel to Vietnam for an employee’s first day or week with your company. You can go over the employment contract together, your company’s code of conduct, and other resources. Onboarding multiple employees at one time can also help establish a sense of camaraderie and simplify the process for your company.

Benefits of Vietnam Hiring Outsourcing

You have a lot to focus on when you’re expanding your company and hiring employees, from understanding how to hire Vietnamese employees to meeting all Vietnam employment compliance laws. If you outsource the hiring process, you won’t have to worry about finding the right talent, but you’ll still be held accountable for compliance.

Globalization Partners’ Vietnam hiring outsourcing services are different. We’ll source top talent for you and remain responsible for compliance as the Employer of Record. With Globalization Partners on your side, you can feel confident that your hiring process is in great hands.

The Reason to Choose Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners is more than just another vendor your company can work with. We truly want to be your partner throughout your expansion. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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