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Zambia Compensation & Benefits

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Employees in all countries often focus on two elements of a job offer — compensation and benefits. Although you must meet the statutory minimums to stay compliant, also providing market norm benefits can keep employees happy and engaged with your company. Unfortunately, not all companies have the time required to source these benefits and worry about Zambia compensation laws.

If you’re in the same situation, you can count on Globalization Partners to help with your expansion. We provide Zambia compensation and benefit management to companies looking to expand without establishing a subsidiary. Our team will act as the Employer of Record and use our Zambia PEO to provide the compensation and benefits you need to stay compliant.

Zambia Compensation Laws

Zambia’s compensation laws do not include a national minimum wage but instead vary by sector. The current minimum wages range from 420 ZMW to 1,445 ZMW. For example, cleaners and general workers make 500 ZMW a month, while qualified clerks earn at least 1,033.24 ZMW a month.

Employees who work outside of their normal working hours should make overtime calculated at certain rates. Overtime on Saturdays, lunch hours, and after 17 hours should be paid at the employee’s basic pay multiplied by 1.5 and divided by 160. Work on Sundays or public holidays is paid according to basic pay multiplied by two and divided by 160.

Statutory Benefits in Zambia

Your company must provide statutory benefits in Zambia to ensure that you’re meeting the county’s requirements. You must give employees time off for Zambia’s 13 public holidays. The Minimum Wages and Employment Act requires employers to grant no fewer than 24 days of paid annual leave. However, employers typically provide more than this minimum.

If an employee is unable to work, employers should give them sick leave at three months of full pay and three months of half pay. All female employees should receive up to 90 days of paid maternity leave as long as they’ve worked at least 24 months with the company.

How Should You Disperse Your Zambia Benefits Management Plan?

After putting together a Zambia benefits management plan, you must give those benefits to employees. This is when we recommend giving out additional market norm benefits that employees may expect. Start by providing extra paid time off, then consider giving out performance-based bonuses, private health care plans, paid paternity leave, and more.

Restrictions for Compensation and Benefits

If your company works with Globalization Partners, you can bypass the biggest restriction to compensation and benefits — a subsidiary. We’ll use our subsidiary to help you work fast without having to set up your own subsidiary first. You can use our existing Zambia subsidiary to pay employees and provide benefits. We offer Zambia compensation and benefit outsourcing as well, so you can add your employees to our payroll and benefits plan and feel confident that you’re always staying compliant.

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