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Zambia Hiring

You want your Zambia subsidiary to succeed, but do you have enough time to devote to that success? Companies expanding to countries around the globe need to have time to establish a subsidiary, set up their payroll, hire employees, and source the right benefits. Hiring is especially important, as the employees you choose will ultimately contribute to your company’s health.

Globalization Partners knows how important it is to recruit, hire, and onboard talented employees, which is why we offer Zambia hiring outsourcing through our existing PEO. We’ll use our subsidiary to hire employees and assign them to work for your team. Then, we’ll ensure that you meet Zambia’s employment compliance laws for greater peace of mind.

How to Hire Zambia Employees

The first step to hiring Zambia employees is creating an employment contract. We recommend using a strong written contract in English that details all aspects of employment, including salary, working hours, termination requirements, and statutory benefits. All offer letters and contracts should list compensation amounts in Zambian Kwacha to create a clear understanding with employees.

Zambia’s Employment Compliance Laws

Companies must follow the Employment Compliant Act when they’re beginning to hire Zambia employees. During the recruiting process, employers cannot discriminate directly or indirectly against an employee or prospective employee based on race, religion, politics, sex, gender, marital status, or similar factors.

Keep in mind that Zambia’s employment compliance laws typically apply only to employees with indefinite contracts. Fixed-term contracts and other types of employment may not be subject to the same laws. However, the country is working to amend certain laws to include these other types of employment.

Best Ways to Onboard Employees

After learning how to hire Zambia employees, you need to discuss the best ways to onboard them. Your company will ultimately choose how you want to onboard employees, but we do recommend taking certain steps to ensure your new hires are comfortable and successful in their positions.

Start by reviewing the employment contract and having employees sign it on or before their first day. Then, you can enroll employees in a training program that your company creates or that’s run by another industry leader. Finally, if you have a small subsidiary, try creating events that will help new employees meet each other and bond.

Benefits of Zambia Hiring Outsourcing

Most companies don’t have the time to focus on recruiting, and without hiring employees, there’s no onboarding process. Globalization Partners can save you time and worries about compliance through Zambia hiring outsourcing. We’ll take care of the hiring process for you by finding the right employees for your company or onboarding candidates you’ve already chosen. Then, we’ll act as the Employer of Record, so we’ll be responsible for Zambia employment compliance instead of you.

Why Choose Globalization Partners?

Globalization Partners is a global PEO you can trust to handle your expansion and make it successful. Reach out to us today to learn more about Zambia hiring outsourcing and our Global Expansion Platform™.

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