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Globalization Partners’ industry-leading proprietary software platform will ease the burden of onboarding and managing employees around the globe. With easy-to-use dashboards and a mobile-ready payroll authorization system, you can safely and securely access crucial HR documents, onboard professionals with ease, and authorize and approve global payroll faster than ever. Find out more about how this revolutionary system will save you time, resources, and money.

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No more spreadsheets.
Global teams, one dashboard.
Manage payroll and HR process from any device via one platform.

Goodbye, emails. So long, spreadsheets. Hello, Globalization Partners’ Technology.

When you’re in the process of scaling globally, Globalization Partners knows it is a challenge to track every employee in every country. There are payments to authorize, onboarding documents to monitor, and a variety of country-specific regulations to follow.

As a client of Globalization Partners, you have access to our one-of-a-kind, market-leading software platform. This platform offers a secure, easy-to-use interface to review personnel information, documents, and payroll transactions. Our platform is designed with security in mind, as you control information access for different team members.

You, or a member of your team, can approve payroll with the push of a button on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, ensuring you meet your deadlines every time. Additionally, you can get quick answers to questions about what you’ve paid an employee by using our software platform’s self-service tools.

The only platform of its kind—changing the way you do business globally.

Increase productivity and reduce headaches with Globalization Partners technology

  • Visibility into your global team’s personnel information
  • Access to your online account statements
  • Insight into country-specific information
  • Role-based security
  • Easy-to-use platform for payroll approval
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We’ll manage the risk, you manage your business.

Eliminate the hurdles that come with onboarding and managing a global workforce. Our Employer of Record platform launches new overseas teams quickly and efficiently while minimizing cost and risk.

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