International Payroll Services

International Payroll Services

Included in our Global Expansion Platform™

Managing international payroll is no easy task. In fact, it can be incredibly challenging. The bigger the scale of an organization, the more challenging payroll can be. And when organizations have overseas employees, the difficulties can really pile up.

When managing international payroll, a global HR team must make sure a variety of legal and logistical benchmarks are met, while ensuring payroll to global employees is delivered on time. In certain countries, if international payroll is missed or late, the consequences can be severe, including a suspension or permanent loss of a business license.

Typically, a company would have to rely on a variety of payroll companies to fulfill the unique in-country needs of each international employee. Working with these vendors — and entrusting them to execute global payroll within regulations on a monthly, semi-monthly, or possibly weekly basis — is in-and-of-itself a huge mountain to climb for any HR administration, no matter the size. In addition, administering payroll across time zones, while also dealing with language barriers, adds another element of complexity.

International Payroll Management Outsourcing

Globalization Partners has a payroll solution to fit any company with any number of overseas employees, whether that’s one person in a single country or several people spread across the world. Globalization Partners deals with businesses on a global scale every day — our Global Employer of Record Platform, GoGlobal, allows us to process payroll in over 170 countries.

How It Works

A company’s candidate is hired by Globalization Partners and is technically added to our in-country payroll. As a Global PEO, this means we are the new employee’s “employer of record.”

The employer of record model vastly simplifies the process for the client, the professional, and for Globalization Partners. Because the employee is on our payroll, we maintain full control and ownership of when that employee is paid (on time) and are responsible for ensuring that all necessary regulations are satisfied in each country.

International Payroll & Employee Management Services

Globalization Partners asks for a two-month deposit up front as a safety net, ensuring payroll is on time for all professionals we are responsible for. Once standard compensation (base salary and standing allowances) and variable compensation are approved (expenses, commissions, or bonuses), we take the following steps to ensure all employees are paid on time in local currency:

  • Statutory benefits are calculated
  • We post the bill in GoGlobal with all transactions/fees for that month
  • The client pays the bill to fund the employee’s payroll
  • Globalization Partners pays the employee

Globalization Partners has a one-of-a-kind payroll software platform called GoGlobal. This platform operates in total compliance with payroll in every country and greatly simplifies what is ordinarily a complex monthly process.

Through GoGlobal, clients can view individual employee profiles including total compensation, benefits, PTO, sick time, and other critical information. Clients can be given varying levels of access depending on internal needs, and they can send messages to Globalization Partners directly through the portal, greatly cutting back on emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I have a one-time payout I need to add to the monthly payroll?

This could technically be considered variable compensation, and if we are made aware by the last day of the previous month, your international employee should receive payment on time.

2. What happens if payroll is missed?

Globalization Partners is proud of its 99% payroll success rate, but certain problems can arise (international wire delays, bank holidays not coordinated with U.S. schedule).

In the event of a lack of funds, we consider the client’s initial deposit as a safety net. This way, we always have payroll funds available. As a last resort, Globalization Partners will advance the payroll or make other arrangements in extreme circumstances for our clients.

3. Will I be able to track payroll on my own?

Yes, through GoGlobal, our brand new, one-of-a-kind payroll platform. You can learn everything about this platform here.


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