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Hire talent anywhere. Grow business everywhere.

Today’s talent pool offers a world of opportunity. Our all-in-one platform is the best way to find, recruit and hire talent anywhere in the world. Track your recruiting activity, create new job orders, review your request order on the hiring process, sign your recruiting contract, and hire your new team members – all within G-P Meridian Recruit™.

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Our unified experience supports the entire recruiting process.

All recruiting activities are done within our best-in-class technology platform, so customers can create job orders, view matching status with the recruiting agencies, and track progress on candidate sourcing.

Find the right candidate, in the right country, at the right cost.

G-P Meridian Recruit provides companies with a competitive advantage through a unified customer experience. Organizations can now easily manage their entire HR process, from recruitment and onboarding to compliant payroll setup and offboarding — all with one platform.

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