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G-P Introduces Generative AI-Enabled Global Growth Tech Products and Advisory Services



G-P further transforms how businesses break into new markets and scale global workforces with new AI-enabled global growth technology, products and consulting services dedicated to smarter decision making with business intelligence and insights.

LAS VEGAS – Oct. 10, 2023G-P (Globalization Partners), the pioneer and recognized leader in the global employment industry, known for setting the standard in global employment compliance, today at the HR Technology Conference & Exposition® announced first-of-their-kind global growth tech products and advisory services. The transformative new solutions include a generative AI-enabled Global Intelligence Assistant (GIA) designed to offer guidance and support at every stage of global growth; G-P MeridianTM Advisor, a tech and advisory services product that draws on more than a decade of global growth expertise; and G-P MeridianTM Entity, which enables businesses to set up and manage new entities when business needs require.

Two-thirds of today’s business leaders are focused on growth – but growth is not always a linear journey. Historically, the path for growth was often office-by-office and market-by-market. It was an arduous process that was fraught with cost, time, and on-going compliance challenges.

“G-P is on a mission to change the status quo of business growth,” said Nat Natarajan, chief product and strategy officer, G-P. “We’re leading a paradigm shift with global growth technology, empowering businesses with new solutions and strategies to unlock opportunities quickly, effectively and compliantly. GIA, G-P Meridian Advisor and G-P Meridian Entity deliver a powerful combination of generative AI intelligence and human intelligence that enable businesses to stay far ahead of the curve.”

G-P’s latest additions to its industry-leading G-P MeridianTM Suite deliver the insights, agility and support needed for businesses to create their own global growth journey. The new AI-driven solutions include:

  • GIA: Guiding you through every step of your growth journey
    GIA, the first-of-its-kind Global Intelligence Assistant is connected across the full G-P MeridianTM Suite to help businesses inform and navigate global growth. GIA combines more than a decade of G-P’s global employment expertise with AI-based intelligence to provide real-time expert guidance across the G-P Meridian Suite. GIA supports interactions from employers and professionals, providing compliance-assured advisory support and recommending and customizing global growth solutions for businesses anytime or at any stage of their journey.
  • G-P Meridian Advisor: Powering growth with AI-driven intelligence
    G-P Meridian Advisor delivers AI insights and/or human-led advisory services that provide guidance across critical global growth, hiring topics and strategies. From HR policies to employment contracts and benefits, payroll, tax implications and compliance matters, G-P Meridian Advisor provides support in more than 180 countries with GIA and G-P’s global network of HR, compliance and legal experts.
  • G-P Meridian Entity: Shaping Strategic Decisions
    G-P Meridian Entity supports setting up and managing a business entity and compliance operations. With GIA, G-P Meridian Entity guides customers in making informed decisions regarding entities around the globe.

G-P Meridian Entity provides cost estimations, country comparisons, as well as estimates of timelines and complexities, enabling customers to navigate this pivotal step with confidence. When customers are ready to proceed, G-P’s experts are available to oversee the process of entity setup, along with ongoing entity management services to ensure ongoing compliance with local regulations.

Delivering on G-P’s global growth vision, G-P also introduced additional product features and enhancements to ensure scalability and efficiency, including new innovative bulk features that enable customers to streamline processes like employment contract creation and amendments, payroll requests and equity reporting helping to minimize repetitive tasks and mitigate data entry errors when hiring or making changes for multiple employees simultaneously.

Visit G-P at our HR Tech booth in Las Vegas October 11-13, or head to https://www.g-p.com/g-p-meridian-suite/ and discover more.

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