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Zeeto Chooses Globalization Partners to Scale its Team around the World



With remote work as their new standard, the company took their talent search global

Boston — March 10, 2021— Globalization Partners, which enables companies to hire anyone, anywhere, quickly, and easily, via its AI-driven, automated and fully compliant global Employer of Record (EOR) platform today announced that Zeeto a leading marketing data discovery company is utilizing its solution to hire hard to find talent around the world.

Zeeto’s team transitioned to remote working as a result of the pandemic and quickly realized the benefits. The new way of working uncovered the opportunity for the company to expand their search for hard to find talent from within a close radius of the company’s headquarters — to anywhere in the world.

“We realized the opportunity remote work opened up for us  in terms of our talent search and started focusing on international hiring first in Mexico since we are based in San Diego, and in the same time zone,” said Stephan Goss, CEO and Founder, Zeeto. But, as I started looking into hiring there, I realized that it’s a complicated process and turned to Globalization Partners for help. They were able to assist us in navigating local laws and regulations and made it super easy. Figuring that all out ourselves would have been a much, much slower process.”

After hiring professionals in Mexico and Ukraine, Zeeto began looking to other countries, such as Poland and Ireland to find top talent. They are now very confident in the benefits of combining remote work and an international talent search. Not only has the transition to remote work been smooth, but it has accelerated the overall growth of the company. “We had our most profitable month ever last month in December. The numbers are reinforcing that it’s going well,” continued Goss.

“Being able to hire talent anywhere in the world provides a strategic advantage for companies like Zeeto to accelerate their opportunity for growth,” said Nicole Sahin, Founder and CEO, Globalization Partners. “We make it easy to make that leap to hiring internationally without having to consume all of the time and resources typically associated with establishing and managing global teams.”

As an EOR, Globalization Partners allows companies to hire anywhere in the world by serving as the legal employer, handling payroll, taxes, and benefits, and ensuring compliance with local employment laws and regulations, freeing up companies to manage and direct the daily work of their team members.

To see a demonstration of our technology, please watch this video.

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