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G-P helps your business go farther by building teams faster.

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When you work with us all the following services come standard.

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Scale your business in days not months, anywhere in the world.

Generally, to hire someone in another country, you need to set up a business entity. We already have our own in nearly every country in the world, so you don’t need to spend months — or even a year — to get up and running. With us, it’s only a matter of days.

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First impressions matter

Once you find a candidate to hire, our expert team will manage the onboarding process in accordance with local mandates.

Not only will your employee(s) start working in a fraction of the time it would normally take, but you also won’t have to worry about any of the legal, tax, or HR burdens that come with the territory.

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Your complete workforce management solution.

Our Global Growth Platform™ serves as your employee management system. From salary, benefits, and paid time off to a fully automated payroll system.

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Benefits that work for everyone.

Establishing country-specific benefits and knowing what to pay talent can be complex. However, as your international benefits administrator, we do it all for you. So, you can focus on growing your business.

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Global payroll peace of mind.

Avoid the serious effects of international payroll errors. When you hire global talent through us, your employees are put on our local payroll. You assign their work and dictate their pay, and we take care of logistics and compliance — with 99% payroll accuracy. This ensures all necessary regulations are satisfied as we are already up and running, and fully compliant.

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Customized compliant contracts.

Don’t let the stress of compliance slow your plans for global success. Our technology puts our HR, expansion, and legal experience to work for you, saving you the worry and hassle of fines and penalties.

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A trusted global partner in 180 countries – and counting.

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  • Global success stories

  • Distek focused initially on the EU market. The company has had great success, primarily because of its first direct hire in partnership with G‑P. This enabled Distek to minimize major burdens traditionally associated with international hiring, including complex legal, tax, and HR processes.

  • From a logistics perspective, Udemy found that in many cases, the cost and time to establish entities in every country where they needed employees was prohibitive. As such, they turned to G‑P to help employ people outside of their primary global hubs more efficiently.

  • Zoom wants to be everywhere its customers are. G‑P has played a critical role in making that happen. The company is entering a number of markets quickly by relying on G‑P's agility and speed, providing Zoom the support and flexibility required to be successful.

  • Neurala plans to continue expanding its footprint outside of its HQ in North America and has leveraged G‑P's platform to hire international employees. Through this partnership, the company’s executive team has remained nimble while garnering the highly valued talent it needs.

  • SonicWall’s experience with G‑P was a testament to how a global Employer of Record can act as an expert advisor to organizations going through change. Once SonicWall started experiencing the benefits, hiring new, highly specialized talent became an easier-than-ever task.

  • Every country is unique and has different processes for onboarding employees. While evaluating their options, Snyk found they preferred G‑P’ full stack global growth platform for its usability, simplicity, and ease of use.

  • Discover the power of global teams.

    If you’re ready to go global, grow or have questions about a specific country, just complete the form and one of our experts will be in touch shortly.

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