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Going Global Episode #19: The Ins and Outs of Cross-Border M&A

by Globalization Partners
November 2019
Global Expansion, Private Equity

In this episode of Going Global, host Andrea Dumont, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Globalization Partners, speaks with Jennifer James, Managing Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers; and Nicole Sahin, CEO at Globalization Partners; about cross-border mergers & acquisitions.

Orchestrating a successful and strategic international merger or acquisition can be difficult. Companies must navigate negotiations, the transition of global assets, organizational compliance, and much more. During this podcast, Jennifer and Nicole discuss:

  • Why international transactions are so complex.
  • What companies should be aware of with international cross-border M&A.
  • Strategies on navigating the complexities surrounding international transactions.

If you need help navigating complexities around international transactions or with your global expansion, Globalization Partners is here to help.

Globalization Partners simplifies international business by enabling organizations to quickly expand into new countries without setting up branch offices or subsidiaries. You find the talent, and we put your team member on our locally compliant payroll.

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