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Going Global Episode #12: Breaking Down Barriers to Education with School the World

by Globalization Partners
March 2019
Global Expansion

In this episode of Globalization Partners’ podcast “Going Global”, host Andrea Dumont, Senior Vice President of Marketing, speaks with special guest Kate Curran, founder and CEO of School the World, a Boston-based international nonprofit founded on the belief that empowerment begins with education. Tune in to learn more about School the World, the school Globalization Partners will help them build, and the student service trip we’ll be funding to help them build it in Guatemala.

About School the World

Kate Curran founded School the World in September 2009 to fight extreme poverty at its roots by bringing education to the world’s poorest children. Since then, they have built 75 primary schools, trained 323 teachers and enrolled 8,195 students in Honduras and Guatemala.

About GP Spirit

Globalization Partners’ vision is a world where the best companies and brightest people can seamlessly collaborate, without regard to jurisdiction. We break down barriers to global business by making it easy to onboard and manage employees internationally.

And now, we want to take our mission to the next level with the launch of GP Spirit, a series of philanthropic initiatives infused with our company’s spirit and dedication to breaking down barriers.

GP Spirit 2019: Envisioning a world where every child has a meaningful opportunity to learn and receive an education

This March, Globalization Partners is working with School the World to build a school in rural Guatemala to make quality education accessible to children living in the area. In addition to funding the school build and providing school supplies, Globalization Partners is sponsoring full scholarships for ten American High School students from traditionally under-served communities to travel to Guatemala and participate in the actual construction process. During their service-learning trip, students will see and learn about the deep and complicated causes underlying poverty and gender discrimination prevalent in rural communities. They will walk away with first-hand insights of economic realities that force mothers and fathers to send their young children across treacherous borders. More importantly, they will experience the power and influence of education in ordinary people’s lives.

By breaking down barriers to education, progress is made not only within a community, but a region, a country, and the world. We can’t wait to start building.

About Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners simplifies international business by enabling organizations to quickly expand into new countries without setting up branch offices or subsidiaries. You find the talent, and we put your team member on our locally compliant payroll. This lifts the burden of navigating global HR, tax, and legal matters from your shoulders to ours.

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