The Power of Positivity in High Performance Teams

August 2023

Both sports and business are competitive environments that strive for excellence over their competition. Of course, preparation and skill are keys to success, but what role does simple positivity play in helping prepare high-performance teams to reach the pinnacle of their profession? On this episode, host Thomas Merchant is joined by Connacht Rugby Head Coach Pete Wilkins. Together, they discuss how Pete’s coaching philosophies of leadership, positivity and shared goals can be applied to the world of business, including how to help a team respond when someone makes a mistake, the importance of our human connections, why great leadership matters, and more. Don’t miss this upbeat and exciting episode of G-P’s Pangeo Perspectives, Your Guide to Global Growth.



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At G‑P, our industry leading Global Growth Platform™ helps companies unlock their full potential by building highly skilled global teams in days instead of months.

But how does the everywhere workforce work together best? Here we discuss the opportunities - and challenges - in achieving the kind of global growth and success we can all share.

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G-P helps growing companies unlock their full potential by making it possible to build highly skilled global teams in days instead of months.

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