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About Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners is a Global Employer of Record. We help companies expand internationally into more than 150 countries without the hassle of setting up overseas branch offices and subsidiaries. Through our platform, companies can quickly and easily hire international employees without having to navigate complex legal, tax and HR issues in country. Whether it’s to test a new market or to expand the talent pool globally, Globalization Partners is the most trustworthy global workforce management solution in the market. We take the burden—and risk—of global expansion off our clients’ shoulders and place it onto ours.

We can provide compliant workforce management solutions during a merger or acquisition as well as help portfolio companies capture international market share quickly with minimal cost. In particular, Globalization Partners has aided in equalizing pay and benefits when a workforce population must transfer from the seller to the buyer in the case of a carve out, thus potentially eliminating the need for a TSA.

A message from CEO Nicole Sahin on how Globalization Partners can work with PwC