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About Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners is a Global Employer of Record. We help companies expand internationally into more than 150 countries without the hassle of setting up overseas branch offices and subsidiaries. Through our platform, companies can quickly and easily hire international employees without having to navigate complex legal, tax and HR issues in country. Whether it’s to test a new market or to expand the talent pool globally, Globalization Partners is the most trustworthy global workforce management solution in the market. We take the burden—and risk—of global expansion off our clients’ shoulders and place it onto ours.

We can provide compliant workforce management solutions in during a merger or acquisition as well as help portfolio companies capture international market share quickly with minimal cost. In particular, Globalization Partners has aided in equalizing pay and benefits when a workforce population must transfer from the seller to the buyer in the case of a carve out, thus potentially eliminating the need for a TSA.

Globalization Partners, founded in 2012, is the industry leading global expansion solution. The company stresses compliance on all fronts with legal, recognized business entities in several countries around the world.”

Learn how a Global Employer of Record helps overcome barriers.

The Global Employer of Record Landscape

While the world of global professional employers of record is still new to the scene of international growth and expansion; Globalization Partners champions leading this industry to new heights. See below for an offerings and services comparison.

Globalization Partners is the leading Global Employer of Record in the market today. The Global Employer of Record industry is still in its infancy with the first company entering the market in 2010. Globalization Partners launched in January 2011 has set the standard for operational excellence.

Sometimes referred to as a Global PEO because of the similar services they provide to U.S. PEOs, our industry operates to help U.S. companies hire employees in countries where they currently have no recognized business entity or infrastructure in place. Globalization Partners’ role is to provide a no-risk, compliant alternative for hiring employees without having to establish an entity or hiring independent contractors. Our legal construct is one where we take 100% of the liability of employer administration and you have 100% direction and control of your employee. Our solution is simple, fast, risk-free & cost-effective.


GDPR compliance requires global companies who encounter personal data of EU-based individuals to meet specific requirements to protect that data. Globalization Partners prides itself on being a GDPR compliant Global Employer of Record solution.
Past Joint Deals Between Globalization Partners and PWC

Thus far, PwC and Globalization Partners have worked together to help four American-based companies expand and hire internationally. Read on for details of how these companies leveraged the experience of both our great companies to grow internationally

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Client Services Experience:
The Bridge Between Hiring and Successful Employment

The Client and Professional’s experience from the contract and hiring stage, to the onboarding and full employment stage, is essential to a solid working relationship. In this section you will find an example hiring and onboarding experience for a hire taking place in the United Kingdom. Follow along to see the Client Services proactive touches and interactions with both the client and professional through this process