The Top 4 Challenges to Building an Effective Global Team: How HR Professionals Can Make an Impact
Our 2020 Global Employee Survey revealed four key findings that illustrate both the challenges and opportunities facing HR teams at companies that are considering or have already begun expanding globally.
How to Attract, Engage, and Retain High-Performance Employees in a Hot Talent Market
In today’s talent market, attracting the best talent is like trying to land an all-star sports star. How can companies do this? Founder & CEO Nicole Sahin shares stories from building a global business of high performers.
How CFOs Can Meet the Challenges of International Expansion
Learn the challenges and risks that represent the largest barriers to expansion into new countries and how CFOs can overcome them. We’ll explore the challenges that are top of mind for today’s CFOs.
Preparing to Meet the Challenges of a Diverse, Distributed Team
To position themselves to reap the benefits of diversity—in both employee sentiment and competitive advantage— companies must also put resources toward managing the challenges posed by it, and in some cases seek expert help in navigating them.
The Rise of the Gig Economy: What It Means for Global Hiring
In this webinar, learn about the benefits and drawbacks of the gig economy for both workers and businesses, risks of international contractor hires, and strategies to keep your business compliant.
3 Principles for Achieving Long Term Growth
Why do companies need a “founder’s mentality” to drive speed, focus, and connection to customers? This webinar will reveal research insights and case studies from across the globe on how organizations can find lasting, profitable growth.
5 Ways to Foster a Global Mindset in Your Company
A global mindset is necessary to translate the intention to “go global” into action. In this session, Nataly Kelly, VP of International Operations and Strategy, HubSpot, walks you through concrete steps to achieving a global mindset.
The Role of the CFO in Planning for Global Growth
Companies are looking to their CFOs to ensure the organization is ready to expand. In addition to their traditional roles, the modern finance executive has to attack a new suite of responsibilities.
Is Remote Working The Future For Your Global Workforce?
Is Remote Working the Future for your Global Workforce?
The nature of how we work is shifting, whether due to technology advancements or generational mindset changes, and the data shows that distributed, flexible, and now, global teams are the future.
The Client Onboarding Experience
Solution Demo – The Client Onboarding Experience
See how quick and easy the client onboarding experience is in the Globalization Partners platform.
How Stable Is Your Global PEO?
The infrastructure supporting your global team is either a strong competitive advantage or a source of hidden risk.
Navigating the Unknown Together
Navigating the Unknown Together: a Conversation with Nicole Sahin
Join Globalization Partners CEO and Founder, Nicole Sahin and Senior Vice President of Global Operations, Melissa Cooper for a live discussion and Q&A session surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.