Hiring Internationally 101: Learn the Essentials Before Embarking on Your International Venture
An informative look at the different ways companies hire internationally, from entity setup to using a global Employer of Record (EOR).
The Guide to Choosing an Employer of Record Model
Choosing the right Employer of Record matters for maintaining security, reducing risk, and giving global team members an exceptional employee experience.
Evolve Your HR Team as Your Company Scales: Steps to Success ​
How do you support every new team member, provide actionable guidance to leadership and build the infrastructure needed to keep moving the organization to the next level?
Going Remote: 3 Strategies to Build Digital Community and Attract Top Talent
As companies shift to a remote-first mindset, whether due to necessity or choice, workplace community no longer is a natural, passive evolution – the space for connection must be created intentionally.
5 Things to Know Before Hiring International Contractors
Hiring international contractors may seem like the simplest way to build global teams, but there are risks and legal considerations to take into account before moving forward.
Business beyond borders: International expansion strategies to supercharge your 2021 growth plans
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Case Study
3 Reasons Why Leading Tech Company ClickDimensions Uses an Employer of Record
Find out why ClickDimensions uses Globalization Partners to grow their team around the world, avoiding entity setup and creating an engaging employee experience.
Quick Guide
What Is an Employer of Record?
Learn how an Employer of Record (EOR) helps you access talent, test new markets, and stay compliant internationally.
Succeed Faster
There are opportunities everywhere. But, the key to all these opportunities is speed. Speed to action, and speed to execution, so you can achieve speed to market. Learn how to succeed faster in any market, and any industry, anywhere in the world.
International Business Simplified
What if you could easily expand your company into any new country - within hours? You can with Globalization Partners. See how our comprehensive solution and proprietary software empower you to Succeed Faster.
10 International Expansion Mistakes to Avoid
Learn about the top 10 international expansion mistakes companies make when they go global, plus get strategies to help you avoid them.
Solution Demo: Succeed Faster
See the #1 Employer of Record platform in action. Learn how Globalization Partners has made global expansion fast and easy for companies like yours.