Top Benefits and Challenges Facing Global Teams
For managers who are building or inheriting global teams in today’s business environment, things are more complicated than they were 30 years ago. Get the infographic to learn about the top benefits and challenges of working on global teams.
Key Findings: The CFO’s Secret to Global Business Expansion
Earlier this year Globalization Partners and CFO Research surveyed senior executives to learn about the challenges they face when it comes to global expansion and how they overcome these barriers. Get the Infographic for an overview of our key findings.
The Secret to Global Business Expansion
Earlier this year we surveyed senior financial executives about overcoming the barriers to global business expansion. Here's what they told us.
Point of View
Why Global Business Compliance is Now the Only Option
At one point, loose adherence to in-country labor laws may have been worth the risk. That's no longer the case due to a raft of new laws, rules, and substantial penalties. Learn why global business compliance is more necessary than ever.
The CFO’s Secret to Global Business Expansion: Keep Costs Low and Grow Fast
We surveyed C-level executives at U.S. companies to learn first-hand their challenges when it comes to global expansion -- and how they're getting around them.
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Preparing Employers For Brexit
A discussion about the impact Brexit is having on US companies expanding into Europe, the potential impact of a deal or no deal Brexit on your European workforce, and what employers can do to prepare.
How Employing International Contractors Could Cost You in the Long Run
Hiring independent contractors in international markets can come with two significant problems. Globalization Partners Senior Vice President of Sales Jane Booth explains what could happen if you fall into the international "contractor trap."
Best Practices to Engage & Retain Your Top International Talent
Key findings and best practices to help you recruit, engage, and retain top international talent – and scale your business – better.
Survey Results Reveal How Employees Feel About Working on Global Teams
How do employees feel about working on global teams? What are the unique challenges or benefits that come from teams working across borders? Globalization Partners surveyed employees worldwide to find out. Here’s what they told us
Key Findings from the 2019 Global Employee Survey
In our 2019 survey of employees worldwide, Globalization Partners identified a variety of challenges when it comes to managing and engaging a global team. Get the Infographic for an overview of our key findings.
2019 Global Employee Survey Results
Understanding the Experience of Distributed Global Team Members
Dawn of a New Global Era
What puts Globalization Partners at the forefront of globalization? Watch our CEO Nicole Sahin explain our scalable Global Expansion Platform