Key Findings from the 2019 Global Employee Survey
In our 2019 survey of employees worldwide, Globalization Partners identified a variety of challenges when it comes to managing and engaging a global team. Get the Infographic for an overview of our key findings.
EBOOK: How to Scale Globally Without Sinking
4 Potential Pitfalls for Companies Hiring Abroad, and How to Avoid Them
The Largest Barriers to Global Growth and How to Manage Them
Hear from Globalization Partners Chief Financial Officer Bob Cahill about the largest barriers to Global Growth and how to manage them.
Don’t Let Entity Setup Holdup Your Global Expansion.
Vice President of Global Expansion Melissa Cooper explains a few “gotchas” to look out for if you find yourself having to open an international business entity – and how Globalization Partners’ Streamlined Global Expansion Platform can help.
Don’t Choose a Global Employer of Record Based on Price Alone
Quality Matters. CEO Nicole Sahin explains how Globalization Partners' fully compliant PEO makes it fast and easy for you to hire internationally.
Hire internationally quickly and easily with our Global Expansion Platform
Do you want to expand to international markets, but are worried about the complexities of managing a global workforce? We have a streamlined Global Expansion Platform that helps companies expand to over 150 countries. Watch this video to learn more.
GDPR: The Scariest 4 Letters in the Business World
Globalization Partners Associate Counsel Adrienne Drew discusses why the new sweeping European Union regulation will have a global impact.
Work with Us, Eliminate Global Business Risk
Watch our video featuring Globalization Partners CEO Nicole Sahin, in which she explains how our Global Employer of Record model can limit your risk when it comes to international workforce expansion.
Point of View
Free Yourself from the Contractor Trap
Onboarding and managing an international workforce involves challenges a U.S.-based team may not be used to handling. To try to get around these, companies often hire independent contractors, which comes with its own set of problems. Learn more.
Using a Global Employer of Record to grab market share quickly
In this video, Globalization Partners CEO Nicole Sahin explains how our Global Employer of Record platform can work for you by saving you time and helping your portfolio companies capture overseas market share fast.
Limit Your Exposure In Any Country in the World
In our video, Globalization Partners Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel Nancy Cremins explains how our Global Employer of Record platform uses its deep international legal expertise to ensure you’re following the rules wherever you have emplo
How the Global PEO Model Can Work for Finance
In our video, Globalization Partners CEO Nicole Sahin explains how our Global Employer of Record platform can be your predictable cost of compliance for your company’s global expansion.