10 Things Your HR Team Must Know Before Greenlighting Global Expansion

Debbie Millin, Chief Operating Officer

Your organization may be pushing to expand globally, but is your HR team ready to support international growth?

When companies expand internationally, HR teams must navigate the legal and financial challenges that come with hiring and managing international employees. Do you know where the worst dangers and best opportunities lie? This webinar will walk you through ten things HR teams need to know before their companies go global, along with best practices and helpful strategies to consider.

You’ll hear about:

  • How to avoid the trap of hiring independent contractors overseas​
  • Managing and exiting employees without breaking the law
  • The challenges of creating equitable cross-border benefits

We manage the risk, you manage your business.

Globalization Partners simplifies international business by enabling organizations to quickly expand into new countries without setting up branch offices or subsidiaries. You find the talent, and we put your team member on our locally compliant payroll.

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