COVID-19: How to Support Your Clients Through Uncertainty

Diane Albano
Diane Albano, Chief Revenue Officer, Globalization Partners
Debbie Millin, Chief Operating Officer, Globalization Partners

From adapting a remote operating procedure, to exploring how to pivot strategically and maintain revenue, to revamping 2020 business plans, they’re facing real challenges. And they may be looking to you for support.

As a company that supports businesses around the world with HR, legal, and operations matters, we know firsthand the challenges your clients are facing. We want to help you anticipate the obstacles your clients come up against, so you can be the trusted partner they turn to in uncertain times. In this webinar, we will impart both high-level strategic guidance, as well as tactical, practical advice you can take to your clients.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Business Planning: effective management through obstacles, the power of diversification, and why resilience is key for business success
  • Keeping Operations Running Smoothly: how we keep thousands of people around the world informed about benefits, what we do to motivate our own team, and how we quickly shifted to 100% distributed model
  • Looking Ahead: the opportunities our leadership sees for businesses to keep focusing on revenue growth, and how to approach a change in business strategy
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