COVID-19: What you Need to Know to Support your Global Workforce

Diane Albano
Diane Albano, Chief Revenue Officer
Gerard Keating
Gerard Keating, Chief Technology Officer
Debbie Millin
Debbie Millin, Chief Operations Officer

Business leaders and HR professionals around the world are actively responding to the needs of their teams in the face of COVID-19. 

Between suddenly implementing remote work policies to navigating government and private benefits, to pivoting strategically as a business, the challenges are real. Yet, they’re not impossible to overcome.

As a company with HR, Legal, and Operations experts located around the world, we invite you to a panel discussion where our leaders will share how we’re serving our own team, the teams of hundreds of our clients around the world, and give you insight on three main areas we’re focusing on:

  • Leadership: effective management through obstacles, the power of diversification, and why resilience is key for business success
  • Operations: how we keep thousands of people around the world informed about benefits, what we do to motivate our own team, and how we quickly shifted to a 100% distributed model
  • Security: how to assess and solve security gaps when transitioning to a remote work setup, and more
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