Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Preparing Employers For Brexit

Nicole Forbes
Nicole Forbes, Deputy General Counsel Globalization Partners
Meghan Vozila, Senior Associate Littler – London, England
Paul Quain, Partner Littler – London, England
Jan-Ove Becker, Partner Littler – Hamburg, Germany
Richard Harvey, Partner Littler – London, England

Despite continued uncertainty, the potential post-Brexit landscape has begun to take shape regarding its impact on the movement of employees throughout the UK and EU and the potential wider employment law implications for companies with current or planned European operations.

In this webinar, Globalization Partners’ Nicole Forbes, Deputy General Counsel, and pre-eminent employment counsel from Littler’s UK and Germany offices, Richard Harvey, Paul Quain, Meghan Vozila and Christoph Crisolli review and discuss the impact Brexit is having on US companies expanding into Europe, the potential impact of a deal or no deal Brexit on your European workforce, and what employers can do to prepare.

Highlights of the discussion include:

  • How did the UK get to this point in the Brexit process;
  • Steps your business can take to manage impeding immigration and employment law issues
  • Possible solutions for companies needing to relocate employees as a result of Brexit.
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