Preparing to Meet the Challenges of a Diverse, Distributed Team

Debbie Millin
Debbie Millin, Chief Operating Officer, Globalization Partners

In Globalization Partners’ second annual survey of employees worldwide, the organization found diversity in the workplace—and employing a diverse combination of foreign and domestic workers—is a significant benefit to the building of strong international organizations and highly functional global teams.

The experience of working for a diverse team brings increased complexities that are very clear to employees themselves. Diversity of culture, language and geographic location comes with complexities that must be faced in a forthright way.

To position themselves to reap the benefits of diversity—in both employee sentiment and competitive advantage— companies must also put resources toward managing the challenges posed by it, and in some cases seek expert help in navigating them.
In Globalization Partners Chief Operating Officer Debbie Millin’s presentation, audience members will:

  • Learn about the performance and employee engagement results of companies where team members report high levels of diversity.
  • Find out what are the top struggles that persist amongst diverse, distributed teams, and recommendations on how companies can smooth the path forward, increasing retention.
  • Get a complete breakdown of the results of Globalization Partners’ 2020 Global Employee Survey, a worldwide study of over 1,700 employees at companies of 1,000+ headcount.
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