The Rise of the Gig Economy: What It Means for Global Hiring

Don Keane
Don Keane, Chief Marketing Officer, Globalization Partners

In the past decade, there has been massive disruption in the way people work.

Factors like tech advancement & economic change have propelled forward what is now known as the gig economy, where companies hire workers on a contractual basis instead of offering full-time employment. Today, the global gig economy has reached $5 trillion. For growing companies, hiring contractors seems like a cost-effective, simple solution. And maybe it is…in the United States.

International regulations on contractors vary greatly from country-to-country. From misclassification penalties, to back taxes owed, to elevated risk, hiring international contractors might be more expensive and riskier than it’s worth. Don’t let complications keep you from achieving international growth.

In this webinar, learn about the benefits and drawbacks of the gig economy for both workers and businesses, risks of international contractor hires, and strategies to keep your business compliant.

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