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Service Level Statement

Last update: November 1, 2020


G-P sets the platinum standard via our world-class customer support solutions. Besides our employment documentation having been designed to maximize protection and minimize the liabilities of world-class companies, and our streamlined technology platform, our customer service is world class. Our account management and local HR advisors consistently attain 98% client satisfaction ratings.

Our customers entrust us with their greatest asset-builders; their talent. When any HR situation arises with a team member who is employed by us, we take it upon our shoulders to resolve it with the utmost professionalism and respect for all parties. Here’s how we do it.


From the point of Customer engagement, Globalization Partners immediately assigns an Account Manager, a single point of contact available through the duration of the partnership with Globalization Partners.

In addition, Globalization Partners assigns in-country Regional HR Specialists to support the legal and regulatory HR activities in relation to onboarding and offboarding local Professionals hired on behalf of our Customer.

For day-to-day, ongoing support, Globalization Partners provides Customers & Professionals access to our Help Center ticketing system, available via our proprietary, collaborative software Platform. The Help Center is monitored round the clock by our in-country HR Specialists, Regional Accountants, IT Support, and Account Management.

Smart Prioritization

All Customer and Professional inquiries are assigned a priority rating, which is determined by Globalization Partners’ Global Operations (comprised of Account Managers and HR Specialist team members), Finance, and Tech departments. The priority rating is based on the information received from the requestor and knowledge of the complexity of the request.

Response Time Definitions

Rating: Customer and Professional inquiries are categorized from Urgent to Normal and allocated a response and completion time. *

Response: The passage of time from the point at which the request was received to the point at which the first response attempt is made at resolving the issue. This response is made by Globalization Partners team members with the skills and/or authority to initiate and complete the request. Response times are measured on business hours for the time zone in which the Globalization Partners’ team member assigned to the request is located.

Completion: The measurement of time from the acceptance of the request to the time at which the request is completed.

Service Levels

Rating Product Response Completion
Urgent (E.g. Health & Safety Risk/Employee Payroll Issue/Data Security Issue) Employment of Record < 1 hour 24 hours
Normal (E.g. Log-in and/or other issues Accessing the Platform/Invoice Queries/Contractor payments issues/ Onboarding and/or Offboarding, New Country Expansion – providing details such as pricing, social charges, and any custom information for new countries being considered by the customer) Employment of Record, G-P Contractor, G-P Recruit < 4 hours 24-48 hours

*Depending on the complexity of the issue, completion time can vary. Should an issue be projected to take longer than 48
hours, the timeline will be communicated to the Customer and delivery will be against that new timeline.