We make it easy for you to expand your workforce globally without legal, tax, and HR burdens.

Say your company wants to quickly expand operations in a new country...

…But you don’t have the time to decipher local labor or tax laws, and you don’t have your own subsidiaries set up yet. You’ve got the candidates lined up, but without recognized business entities in each country and making sure the details are tied out, you’re nowhere near ready for your employees to begin work.

That’s where the Global PEO model comes in.

Through Globalization Partners’ world-class Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and Employer of Record services, you can count on us to take on the administrative burden of expanding globally, and all you have to do is manage your business.

Global PEO

The Global PEO model allows you offload your administrative burden to us. We'll manage the risk, you manage your business.

Global HR Experts

Hiring in Bahrain and need support? What about China? Our HR experts and client services staff are on call for you 24/7.

Global Benefits

We have world-class and country-specific benefits packages to fit the needs of your global employees.

Turnkey Global Expansion

Want to use our model at the outset, but know you'll need to set up subsidiaries? Our back-end infrastructure can easily be replicated via our global partner network.


With this best-in-class platform, you can authorize payments and manage your entire global workforce from anywhere.

We’ll manage the risk, you manage your business.

Eliminate the hurdles that come with onboarding and managing a global workforce. Our Employer of Record platform launches new overseas teams quickly and efficiently while minimizing cost and risk.

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