Included in our comprehensive solution

Our comprehensive solution lifts the administrative burden of going global from our clients' shoulders to ours. When a client scales, Globalization Partners is able to help them retain the same level of high-quality HR service and legal compliance even after the company decides it’s time to set up its own in-country subsidiaries.

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Our proprietary, data-compliant software puts your entire global workforce at your fingertips.


Payroll Management, PTO Tracking (with client's approval), Local employee benefits management


Compliant expense report processing and HR compliance and monitoring

Ready to operate your company in-country? We can help.

What if, in addition to our exceptional HR support, you could have all proper documentation readily available at your fingertips to begin operating your own business entity in-country? What if this included continuing to use our GDPR-compliant software, have us continue to run your global payroll, as well as manage global expense reports and paid-time-off for all of your operations worldwide, regardless of whether your workforce is engaged through our payroll or yours?

Now you can, with GrowGlobal.

At the outset, when you decide you’re ready to operate your own company in-country, we’ll help you:

  • Take care of payroll registrations
  • Set up the same benefits your employees are already on, under your new entity
  • Prepare all legally required employment materials
  • Smoothly transition the employees from our entity to yours
  • Give insider insight on any employee negotiations – we’re always on your side!
  • Keep the employees on our same software, payroll, and expense reporting apps for ease of transition.

Our service also includes support with:

  • Whistleblowing
  • Bullying claims
  • Performance management issues
  • HR Investigations
  • Terminations
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