Turnkey Global Expansion

Globalization Partners recognizes there are many ingredients to a successful international expansion. You need to know everything you don’t know before you even get started. That’s where Globalization Partners has you covered. Aside from award-winning Global PEO and Global Employer of Record services, Globalization Partners has a turnkey global expansion solution which involves a broad ecosystem of partners, and the expertise to know who is best positioned to help you. Take a look at some of the essential services that clients of Globalization Partners may leverage via this carefully vetted network.

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How can we help you expand internationally?

Services to fit your expanding needs.
Solutions for your business goals.
Better-informed global decision making.
Advantages of Global Expansion Services

Globalization Partners has taken the hard work and logistical hurdles of expanding globally off your plate. As part of our Global PEO service, these are a few of the offerings you can take advantage of as a Globalization Partners client:

Global HR
  • Access to locally compliant HR policies and handbooks
  • Ensure legally compliant employment contracts
  • Get advice on local labor law issues
  • Find the right partner for your compensation and benefits needs
  • Get help navigating the complex cross-border benefits rules with experienced pros
  • Ensure you are competitive with local market norms
  • Compare employee salaries in hundreds of industries all around the world
Global Mobility
  • Access legal support for your expat employees
  • Develop a global mobility policy for your organization
  • Find relocation and destination services support
  • Manage expat tax and compliance challenges
Legal Services
  • Work with our carefully vetted network of local counsel and global legal firms
  • Get valuable guidance on employment law and IP protections
  • Gain insight on stock option plans and contract work
Global Talent Acquisition
  • Get help finding the right talent in all corners of the world
  • Gain premium access to talent management experts and platforms
  • Find the right partner, whether you are hiring one employee or a team of 100
U.S. PEO/Payroll
  • Work with industry leaders to meet your domestic U.S. payroll, HR, and benefits requirements
  • Leverage best-in-class HR and payroll technology to manage your U.S. workforce
  • Take the complexity out of compliance with U.S. health care laws
Global Accounting/Payroll
  • Gain insight and planning support from leading international tax and accounting experts
  • Assess entity types, obtain transfer pricing guidance, and understand the nuances of national and local tax compliance
  • Avoid the complications associated with multi-country payroll and expense reimbursement by outsourcing to a trusted partner

We’ll manage the risk, you manage your business.

Eliminate the hurdles that come with onboarding and managing a global workforce. Our Employer of Record platform launches new overseas teams quickly and efficiently while minimizing cost and risk.

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