Kathrin Koedderitz

Sales Director, EMEA

Kathrin Koedderitz


Kathrin Koedderitz is the Sales Director of EMEA at Globalization Partners, where she joined the team in April 2017 with more than a decade of experience managing strategic and complex international sales processes from start-ups to large corporations. Prior to joining Globalization Partners, Kathrin held various Sales and Marketing roles at Oracle, Mercedes-Benz, and Radius (now Vistra). At Radius, Kathrin supported companies that planned to expand globally around entity setup, tax, accounting, HR or global mobility matters across 100+ countries.

Kathrin is a German native and moved to Boston after traveling to more than 50 countries and working on 3 different continents, including the Yukon and Antarctica. In 2020, she relocated to Galway, Ireland, to build out the European Sales function. Kathrin holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing from The University of Economics and Law in Berlin, Germany, and is a certified Life and Leadership coach. In addition to English, Kathrin speaks fluent German, Swedish, as well as some French and Spanish.

Besides work, she is very passionate about her family, personal and business growth, traveling, photography, Salsa dancing, cooking and the outdoors.

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