Nicole Sahin

Founder & Executive Chair

Nicole Sahin


As Founder and Executive Chair of G-P, Nicole Sahin built the industry-leading global Employer of Record category in what experts call a trillion-dollar opportunity in the new era of global remote work. G-P’ solution eliminates the traditional HR, legal, and tax hurdles companies otherwise face when building global remote teams. It enables companies to hire anyone, anywhere, within minutes – without setting up international branch offices. Nicole began to build Globalization Partner’s’ digitized and fully compliant global Global Employment Platform™ after spending years lending consulting expertise to high-growth companies building international teams.

As a result of Nicole’s mission of breaking down barriers to global business and building a company that people love, G-P has won numerous awards for its company and culture. In 2021, Nicole was named one of Goldman Sachs’ most intriguing entrepeneurs of the year. In 2020, Financial Times named G-P one of the fastest-growing companies in America. Inc. Magazine named Nicole a Top 100 Female Founder. In addition, G-P was named Employer of Record Industry leader by analyst firm NelsonHall. Nicole credits the success to an exceptional team with global expansion in their DNA, and to her philosophy of the Triple Bottom Line – operating a business in a way that is good for customers, employees and shareholders.

She is also the author of the Wall Street Journal Bestseller, Global Talent Unleashed: An Executive’s Guide to Conquering the World. The book shares both the mistakes and best practices of companies that have expanded into international markets.

Nicole’s primary non-profit endeavors focus on eliminating extreme poverty through education and economic development. She works with organizations like Water for People and Give Directly, to bring financial resources to the most under-resourced people in the world. She also serves on the board of School The World, spearheading efforts to build schools in rural communities in Guatemala, Honduras and Cambodia. Nicole works on gender and racial equality initiatives, serving as the Chair of Diversity on YPO New England’s Membership Committee.

Nicole holds an MBA in International Management from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. She lives in California and loves to travel. Nicole is inspired by her vision of everyone, everywhere, accessing great jobs via the new digital world, and in doing so accessing their true potential.

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