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3 Reasons to Expand Your Business to Mexico

by Globalization Partners
January 2018
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When U.S. companies look to expand operations internationally, they have many options. As previously outlined in our video about global expansion to Canada, one very popular destination for business headquartered in the United States is Mexico for a variety of reasons.

Carla Siguenza, who works on the global client services team at Globalization Partners, highlights three great reasons companies want to make the move to Mexico.

First, Mexico occupies a strategic global position. The country serves as a bridge between the southern countries of Latin America and the United States and Canada. In fact, Mexico is the largest trading nation in Latin America and in the top 15 worldwide.

Second, most companies in Mexico provide their employees with food coupons or grocery cards. These are pre-paid debit cards used to purchase food in over 200,000 affiliated establishments in the country. This is a great benefit to employers because businesses receive discounted tax benefits through this program.

Third, due to the thriving consumer and talent bases, U.S. entrepreneurs can achieve success specifically in the manufacturing and ecommerce industries in Mexico.

If you have questions about expanding your business to Mexico, visit our Mexico Globalpedia page.

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