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5 Questions for Client Services at a Global PEO

by Globalization Partners
October 2017
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Once you get involved with a Global PEO, that company becomes the Employer of Record for your employees. In other words, that company becomes an immediate extension of your business and represents your company culture. When problems arise, you know you’re going to need to connect with the client services team at your Global PEO partner.

So, you’ll want to get a sense of how accessible this team is?

Assessing client services at a Global PEO starts right at the beginning. Your first few interactions with a Global PEO should revolve entirely around client services functions such as setting up employment contract terms, appropriate benefits packages, and the ability to negotiate with local candidates while staying within the local and national rules of engagement (laws).

Exemplary client services are really what you’re paying for when it comes to vetting a Global PEO. Because if you can’t reach the people you need in an emergency—and if you can’t trust that team to get you the correct answers to important questions—you’re exposing your organization to thousands of dollars in legal costs, business penalties, or possibly a lawsuit.

A high percentage of the Global PEO’s leadership should ideally be made up of lawyers with specific experience in international labor law. This ensures the Global PEO’s client services team is appropriately trained and will be able to service your needs as they spring up—which they will.

There are so many answers you’ll want from just this aspect of any Global PEO business. Here are five questions you should ask when it comes to client services.

What assistance do you provide in helping us create legal, compliant employment contracts?

The Global PEO should understand the precise circumstances for the hire, as well as the country, and advise your team on best practices.

Do you have a dedicated team available to help answer my questions?

The Global PEO should assign a dedicated, experienced team to assist with all questions large and small.

Where is this team based? In my time zone or elsewhere?

The Global PEO should have locally based, regional teams in place who speak the local language and can help your employee with any questions he or she may have in their time zone.

How do you work with my candidate during the onboarding process?

The Global PEO should follow a standardized process for onboarding each employee, including making sure the candidate understands the Global PEO’s role and feels cared for as a valued member of the team.

What controls are in place related to payment of payroll and ensuring my global team is paid on time?

The Global PEO is legally on the hook to pay the client’s employees irrespective of whether the client pays the Global PEO. For this reason, their contract with you should carefully consider and balance this risk to ensure the solvency of the business. Additionally, the Global PEO should be able to boast a 99.9% (or higher) payroll accuracy rate.

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Are You Asking Your Global Employer of Record the Right Questions?

A Global PEO can act as a critical part of your HR administration, but partner with the wrong one and you’ll wish you’d asked them a few of these questions up front.


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