As an early founder and today’s recognized leader of the Employer of Record (EOR) industry, G-P has been helping companies expand and build global teams for over a decade. And while navigating the rules and regulations of global expansion can get complex fast, the question that drives us forward has always been simple: 

What’s the best way to help companies hire globally, maintain legal compliance, and manage the full lifecycle of HR needs that arise when growing into new markets? 

Today, some HR tech providers think that building an all-in-one HR platform is the answer to that question. But our years of global experience tells us there’s a better way. We believe in a best-in-class partner approach that connects G-P’s #1 global employment products and EOR solutions with today’s leading HCM and payroll providers to help growing organizations hire and manage their global teams.

Why do we think that working with best-in-class partners offers the best global HR tech solutions for companies? Let’s take a minute to look at both approaches.

The challenges of an all-in-one solution

The promise of an all-in-one HR platform sounds attractive at first glance, but there are limitations to that model both for the companies building the technology and for those leveraging their solutions. While this may be the right choice for some organizations, there are several challenges to consider with this approach, such as:

1. A single solution offering limited choice

By nature, all-in-ones ask customers to lock into a single solution, which is bound to have both strengths and weaknesses. But that means companies must limit themselves to a closed platform that may lack the features, flexibility, and performance they need as their business grows. Without the power of choice, you lose the power to customize your HR tech to fit your global needs.

2. HR tech that’s a mile wide and an inch deep

For developers, trying to build everything at once can lead to a “mile-wide, inch-deep” set of solutions that may cover all bases but often can’t match the industry’s best solutions on every front. We know just how hard it is and how long it takes to build out even one truly great solution. Trying to build and maintain every part of an HR tech stack is a tall order that comes with trade-offs and can lead to having basic knowledge in many areas but excelling in none, ultimately underdelivering to customers.

3. Increased risk and business disruption

For customers, those HR tech trade-offs can quickly become major obstacles. New customers may be faced with having to “rip and replace” their current HR systems to go with something completely new. And that can also mean a lot of retooling and retraining to manage and maintain these news systems, which can lead to significant business disruptions. Costly and time-consuming disruptions can pose major operational and compliance risks for any business, and are much more difficult to avoid in the all-in-one model.

4. A single point of HR tech failure

Finally, a single system also increases risk by creating a single point of HR tech failure. You’re only as strong as your weakest link, so if even one part of an HCM, payroll, or global employment chain is underperforming, the whole solution is at risk. And if each of those individual products and services don’t continue to evolve to keep up with the latest standards, customers could find themselves falling behind very quickly. 

The benefits of working with best-in-class partners

On the other hand, the HR tech landscape is exploding with exciting new ideas and innovation on every front. We know because we work with some of the best HR tech companies every day. By making it easy to connect our industry-leading Employer of Record solutions with top-tier HCM and payroll providers, companies can enjoy the strengths and benefits of the comprehensive solutions we can offer by working together.

Infographic of a checklist of benefits of G-P's best-in-class partner approach

1. Access to best-in-class HR tech

Our partners are today’s market leaders, representing the best of the best across the full HR lifecycle. Working together, we help companies unlock new global growth opportunities by making it easy to find, hire, and manage global teams in 180+ countries, quickly and compliantly, every step of the way. Our solutions ensure ongoing compliance to mitigate risk and safeguard future success. 

2. The most comprehensive solutions

Together, we give companies the choices they need to customize their HR tech solutions in ways that will serve their businesses best. This is where flexibility and performance meet. Remember how the all-in-one solutions run “a mile wide and an inch deep?” Think of our best-in-class approach as a mile wide, a mile deep, and always able to go in whatever direction companies need to expand globally with confidence. 

3. Reduced risk and less disruption

Business disruptions can be costly and time-consuming. Helping companies avoid downtime that could hurt their bottom line is much easier with a network of highly proven partners with the performance, reliability, compliance, and stability they need to succeed. And because we make it easy for companies to add new capabilities to their existing HR tech systems, they can actually improve their workflows by automating HR data syncs and speeding up tedious tasks like migrating data during mergers or acquisitions.

4. A seamless customer experience

Of course, everything has to work together flawlessly for companies to enjoy all the strengths a best-in-class approach can offer. That’s where the power of our platform integrations and strong partner relationships really start to shine. When companies can easily bring together all of their global HR data from across the global hiring, HCM, and payroll partners of their choice, they get the benefits of a single platform without the compromises of a single solution.

Bringing together the best for customers

We operate every day with a singular focus on our customers, as do our partners. With customers as our compass, we believe we can provide the most comprehensive and compliant global hiring and HR tech solutions to support their growth and success together. And we invite you to see how it all works together. 

Please take a moment to learn about G-P Meridian Suite™, the industry’s first fully customizable suite of global employment products and EOR solutions built for rapid global expansion. Then, let us tell you more about our best-in-class approach here, and learn more about our amazing partners and what they have to offer at our new partner showcase

For more information, contact us or request a proposal to learn more about the #1 Global Growth Platform™.

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