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Business-Friendly Singapore Still Has Hurdles for U.S. Companies

by Globalization Partners
April 2018
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Aside from the United States, Singapore is one of the most business-friendly countries on Earth. This is especially true due to recent legislation that encourages business growth. But there are still hurdles to expanding a workforce to this island nation.

Many U.S. companies use Singapore as a jumping-off point into Asia. Companies will often send an expat to this country, and in order to secure a work permit—known in Singapore as an Employment Pass—a company is required to set up an entity to act as a sponsor for the Employment Pass.

This can take extensive time and oversight and is especially burdensome if that company only needs to hire one person.

This is where our Global Professional Employer Organization (PEO) model can help. Globalization Partners helps companies expand internationally without having to establish a subsidiary in country, by putting your employees—both locals and expats—on our payroll and assigning them 100 percent back to you.

Through our own entity in Singapore, we are able to sponsor an Employment Pass and get employees working quickly.

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Globalization Partners

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