Bret Silverberg

Sales In Turkey: Five Top Tips

by Bret Silverberg
October 2013

As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Turkey is expected to be a global superpower within twenty years – and savvy investors looking to expand their operations are taking notice. When considering such an investment, it would be good to keep the following in mind:

1. There is no such thing as being overqualified and many Turks are exceptionally well-educated. It is generally accepted, that if someone can do a more complex job, he/she could surely do an easier one.

2. Employees in Turkey are extremely hard-working, and expect to dedicate themselves completely to their career – employers can expect allegiance far above and beyond what might be expected. Things like being paid for overtime could put an employee into shock and job descriptions are usually fuzzy because an employee will generally do whatever is asked.

3. Socializing and keeping in constant contact with network members is a necessity that should not be viewed as an intrusion on employer time. Meetings often must be done in person, and a salesperson’s personal network translates into your success.

4. Due to years of high inflation, Turkey experienced years when the price of consumer items would change before you could memorize them. The price of something therefore lurks in a state of transient limbo. Price tends to be less relevant when purchasing, and bargaining more prevalent.

5. The urban and rural populations are dramatically distinct in education, income and consumer behavior. Religious ethics and prudence weigh heavily in the rural east, differing considerably from the urban population in the west.

Bret Silverberg

Bret Silverberg

Director, Content Strategy, Globalization Partners

Bret Silverberg joined Globalization Partners in April 2017 as Director of Content Marketing. Bret has extensive experience in publishing, including his background in human resources and employment marketing.