Global PEO Services for Canadian Businesses

Before you dive into expanding your Canadian business overseas, you'll need to know an array of aspects unique to the country where you're expanding. That's where Globalization Partners comes in. Our platforms and services involve a wide range of players with different areas of experience. Whether you need payroll expertise or legal services, we can help you hit the ground running.

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Global PEO Solutions for Canadian Businesses

Global PEO

We hire employees on your behalf, letting you focus on building your business.

Global Benefits

We figure out benefit and compensation laws to ensure that employees are paid in a timely manner.

Global Human Resources

We manage payroll, finances, and more to ensure your business is operating smoothly.

Global PEO Services for Canadian Businesses

Setting up a new business internationally is not as simple as hiring skilled employees and getting to work. Before even hiring a new employee, you’ll need to:

  • Set up a subsidiary or branch office
  • Hire a local lawyer, payroll company, and accountants
  • Register for a tax ID number and creating a bank account
  • Stay in compliance with the country’s local labor laws

The process can take months from start to finish, and it varies based on where you’re trying to expand. In the meantime, your promising candidates could start looking for other jobs if they can’t wait for you to expand business from Canada.

Globalization Partners offers a better solution. As a global PEO for Canada, we provide international legal and HR expertise to help you grow your business efficiently. Plus, we hire employees on your behalf without the need to set up a branch or subsidiary in a new country.

With our expert team on your side, you won’t have to worry about complicated labor laws or strong worker protections. We make sure you stay compliant in employee benefits, overtime pay, and more.

GrowGlobal Service for Canadian Businesses

Part of our Canada PEO services includes acting as a global Employer of Record. Through our existing subsidiaries around the globe, we can hire employees on your behalf. Instead of going through the process of setting up a subsidiary, we help you hire employees and start your company in a matter of business days. We also take the legal responsibility for all foreign HR laws, so any fines incurred from non-compliance fall on our shoulders.

Working with an expert in global compliance is especially helpful when expanding Canadian business internationally. You must keep track of payroll registrations, employee negotiations, and benefits. With GrowGlobal, we help you transition employees from our entity to yours and keep employees on our software, payroll, and expense reporting apps. We offer you continual support with whistleblowing, bullying claims, and terminations, so you know someone is always on your side.

Our Canada PEO services also take the burden of meeting labor laws off your shoulders and onto ours. We help you stay compliant and get ahead of your competitors by starting your operations quickly.

RecruitGlobal Service for Canadian Businesses

Hiring qualified candidates on your own can be a challenge. Some employers find it difficult to interview candidates without hiring an interpreter. Plus, most countries have standard benefits you need to keep in mind when negotiating a contract with a candidate, such as paid vacation time, maternity leave, and severance laws. Not to mention you’ll need to find someone in your company with the time to travel back and forth to the country during the negotiations.

But at Globalization Partners, we make it simple to hire the best talent for your organization.

RecruitGlobal is our exclusive hiring solution to help you find top talent around the globe. When you decide to work with us as a global PEO for your Canadian business, we deliver quality candidates straight to your door. Our team of international hiring experts screen candidates and negotiate hiring terms to save you time and money.

Choosing to work with Globalization Partners means hiring top talent quickly and staying compliant with local labor laws. Our goal is to deliver global candidates to you without the high cost of recruiting fees. You’ll never be in the dark, either. We maintain consistent and reliable communication with you throughout the entire hiring process.

GoGlobal for Canadian Businesses

You have a lot to keep track of when you expand your Canadian business overseas. In addition to starting up the company and working with clients, you need to deal with payroll, benefits, onboarding, taxes, termination, and compliance for every employee you hire. Luckily, there is a better way to handle your new business with Globalization Partners’ GoGlobal proprietary software platform.

This one-of-a-kind software allows you to pay employees with the touch of a button. Employers can manage a whole global workforce with the software’s easy-to-use dashboards that feature all the employee information you need. No more spreadsheets or emails — just a simple way to operate your business in Canada and wherever else you’re stationed around the globe.

Our software gives you:

  • Total visibility into all employee information
  • Online access to your company’s account statements
  • Insight into a country’s employment laws and similar information
  • Role-based security
  • Quick and easy payroll approval

Global Benefits for Canadian Businesses

Sourcing benefits for your employees in Canada is not the same as in other parts of the world. Although it differs by country, here are some of the common benefits employees expect:

  • An annual paid vacation with more time off for professional-level positions
  • A private, supplemental health insurance policy
  • Additional dental insurance
  • A group savings plan

Every country — and even every municipality — has different benefit requirements and supplementary benefits employees expect. Instead of figuring out everything alone, you can work with a global PEO for Canadian businesses such as Globalization Partners. Our global benefits solutions help you understand which benefits are required and what supplemental benefits to offer that will put you ahead of your competitors.

We act as your partner to cover any gaps in your benefits package and help you understand termination laws, employment contracts, PTO tracking, and more.

Global Human Resources for Canadian Businesses

You have a few options for handling HR when you expand your business from Canada:

  • Handle all human resources facets yourself.
  • Contract with an agency in the country where you’re expanding who may handle only certain areas while you maintain liability.
  • Work with a global PEO for Canada who can cover all aspects while also holding the liability.

Without the help of a skilled global PEO for Canada, you could face a shutdown of operations, hefty fines, litigation, and more. Globalization Partners takes care of all of this for you, so you can focus on getting your business started instead of meeting various employment laws.

Globalization Partners is an expert in international tax, law, finance, and payroll. Our Canada PEO services give you peace of mind about employment compliance. When we act as the Employer of Record for your business, we take matters of compliance out of your hands.

Turnkey Global Expansion for Canadian Businesses

Deciding to expand your Canadian business overseas can feel overwhelming. Many moving parts make up a successful expansion, and each is necessary to stay compliant and thrive in a competitive environment. Working with a global PEO for Canada such as Globalization Partners will help make the transition smooth and efficient from day one.

In addition to our award-winning global PEO and global Employer of Record services, our turnkey global expansion solution involves a host of partners with different areas of expertise to get you running, including:

  • Global HR
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Legal services
  • Global talent acquisition
  • Global accounting and payroll

No matter what you need to succeed, we can help you expand your business and stay compliant while you do it.

International Payroll for Canadian Businesses

Handling international payroll is one of the more complicated issues when expanding Canadian business overseas. You could work with different vendors in the country where you’re expanding to meet specific needs. However, if those vendors make a mistake, you’ll be held non-compliant for the error instead of the vendor. Alternatively, you need a global HR team to make sure you meet all legal and logistical compliance issues.

Through our Canada PEO services, we take care of payroll and hiring employees on your behalf. We ensure your employees get paid on time while we help through different language barriers and other common obstacles.

Since we hire employees on your behalf, you never have to worry about non-compliance problems. We take the liability for your compliance to save you the stress and hassle from managing Canadian payroll as well as the payroll in your new location.

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