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Amoy Diagnostics Accelerates the World of Medicine with Exceptional International Talent

IndustryBiotechnology Research
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Use CaseEmploy top talent
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RMB 100Mgenerated by international business as of FY2022
7+countries supported

About Amoy Diagnostics

Headquartered in Xiamen, China since 2008, Amoy Diagnostics (AmoyDx) has experienced rapid growth and established a strong presence in the oncology field. With an extensive domestic and international network, the company serves hundreds of thousands of cancer patients annually, reaching more than 500 leading hospitals in China and over 50 countries worldwide.

Amoy Diagnostics (AmoyDx) is an ardent contributor in the global scientific community, driven by its mission to improve the lives of patients around the world with innovative products and services. When the organization sought to deploy an international product strategy and acquire a substantial share of the Asia-Pacific diagnostics market, AmoyDx partnered with G-P to help accelerate its global growth.

Advancing cancer research in new territories

Focused on oncology precision medicine, AmoyDx provides diagnostic products and services for trials of drugs in clinical development. It is a diagnostic partner with many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

AmoyDx has achieved an industry-leading position for its products in China and other markets, solidifying its reputation for high-quality molecular diagnostics. When the company secured its first approved companion diagnostic kit in Japan and South Korea, new avenues for expansion opened, bringing its innovative solutions to even more markets.

Partnering with G-P to serve patients worldwide

A predominantly China-based organization, AmoyDx deemed it crucial to set up international offices to deliver its portfolio of products and services to a greater number of patients around the globe. The company needed a trusted and experienced employer of record (EOR) and global growth technology partner to support its expansion plans.

AmoyDx turned to G-P for help deploying its international product strategy after it became clear that G-P had the local expertise and experience required to provide invaluable insights on several new markets of interest.

“The full range of global growth services from G-P helped us gain a deeper understanding of overseas talent and realize the vast opportunities in other markets, which led us to expand our presence outside of China,” said Kimi Hao, Human Resources and Admin Manager at AmoyDx. “G-P’s professionalism and commitment to compliance allowed us to expand into these new markets quickly and compliantly.”

Partnering with G-P helped opened the door to the finest sales, marketing, and field application science professionals in each country that we have expended to.

Kimi Hao

Human Resources and Admin Manager at AmoyDx

Today, AmoyDx leverages EOR services and the premium growth products and features provided by G-P Meridian Prime™ to strategically hire, onboard, and manage its global teams.

Achieving an impactful return on investment

As of fiscal year 2022, AmoyDx’s international business comprised of professionals outside of China has generated RMB 100M (approximately USD 13.8M).


G-P provides the velocity we need to get the best international talent onboard. Their end-to-end employment services enabled us to build a robust international business and team, often being able to onboard new talent in a matter of days.

Kimi Hao

Human Resources and Admin Manager at AmoyDx

With the help of G-P, AmoyDx has saved time and money that would otherwise be spent on various administrative tasks and risk mitigation associated with setting up entities in different countries.

“G-P has been instrumental in allowing us to get through the employment contract stage quickly, while making sure we adhere to local employment laws in the new markets we are entering,” said Hao.

The organization has ventured into new markets and expanded the talent pool from which it can hire. Providing new team members with the best experience is critical to AmoyDx. G-P’s onboarding process ensures that new AmoyDx employees understand its mission, core values, and relevance to the broader scientific and medical community.

“G-P has the highest level of professionalism and ethos,” added Hao. “The regional expertise that G-P brings helps us navigate cultural nuances and build strong global teams. Having G-P oversee the entire cycle of hiring, onboarding, compensation, benefits, taxes, and more, allows us to focus on our core business objectives.”

Unveiling a strategic expansion roadmap

To remain at the forefront of diagnostic technologies, AmoyDx places continuous innovation, expansion, and product development as its top priorities. In working with G-P, AmoyDx will continue evaluating new markets for future growth.

“G-P will continue to be an essential partner for us as we navigate regulatory landscapes effectively and achieve widespread adoption of our diagnostic solutions,” said Hao.

Our enduring relationship with G-P allows us to hire, onboard talent, and establish presence in new countries without the complexities, risks, and enormous investments associated with setting up local entities, which is essential to our expanding organization.

Kimi Hao

Human Resources and Admin Manager at AmoyDx

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