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Wondermove's Rapid European Expansion Success

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About wondermove

Wondermove, a Hyundai Motor Group spin-off startup based in Seoul, South Korea that was established in March 2020, provides mobility solutions and cloud-based SaaS services.

Wondermove has achieved eight times its annual recurring revenue growth every year since its establishment and is continuously driving global expansion. In fact, the company plans to offer its solutions and services across as many as 10 European countries, starting with Germany.

When scaling to a new country, it is vital to have credible and informative data and knowledge of the local market. However, in the beginning of their expansion process, wondermove faced considerable challenges in collecting meaningful information on its target markets in Europe. This negatively impacted the recruiting process in Europe, where IT and internet technology development were slower than they were used to in Korea.

The team at wondermove realized that access to expert advice and local knowledge would be key to overcoming these difficulties. That’s why they secured this support through a partnership with G-P, the leading Global Employment Platform™ that makes it fast, simple, and compliant for companies to hire anyone, anywhere.

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With G-P, wondermove was able to quickly launch its expansion strategy and hire qualified local talent in Germany while minimizing cost, time, risk, and resources. Through G-P’s Global Employment Platform™, wondermove hired an employee from Korea living in Germany and helped her obtain a visa. Her expertise ultimately enabled the company to accelerate its product development by ensuring the business could seamlessly interact with automobile original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and mobility enterprises in the region — all while actively improving their understanding of the local market on the ground.

In addition, through G-P’s platform, wondermove was able to efficiently grow their global team without having to worry about complicated contract procedures or legal issues involved in international hiring. Wondermove explains that what impresses them most about their partnership with the G-P team is that they always provide high-quality information and do everything professionally and accurately. Wondermove plans to continue to expand throughout Europe as well as other regions around the world. The company mantains its partnership with G-P to continue to secure the best talent in their new markets.

Wondermove emphasizes that the key factors for succeeding in global business are speed and an effective recruitment strategy. G-P helps companies address both of these challenges by enabling access to global talent and accelerating time to market.

The Wondermove team believes that G-P is an excellent partner for businesses that are planning to enter international markets quickly and compliantly by hiring local talent without the need to set up their own local branches first.

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