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Kraft Sports + Entertainment Boosts American Football Fandom Across Europe

IndustrySports & Entertainment
Organization Size200+ employees
Use CaseEnter new markets

About Kraft Sports + Entertainment (KSE)

Headquartered in Foxborough, Massachusetts with more than 200 employees, KSE oversees marketing, sales, content development, and event operations for the New England Revolution, the Patriots, and Gillette Stadium.

Kraft Sports + Entertainment (KSE) has set the standard for delivering world-class sporting events to the people of New England for more than three decades. As the organization managing the sports and entertainment ventures of the New England Patriots, KSE was presented with a remarkable opportunity to expand into Germany. With G-P by its side, KSE has gracefully grown internationally to engage with Patriots’ fans throughout Europe.

A legacy of excellence

Established in 1959, the Patriots are an esteemed American National Football League (NFL) franchise. Fueled by a rich history of accomplishments, including a league-leading six Super Bowl championships, the Patriots have earned the admiration of loyal followers worldwide.

Scoring big in Germany

As part of the league’s Global Markets Program, which gives teams access to international markets to help grow the league’s popularity outside the U.S., the Patriots actively pursued and earned rights to the German market. The program grants the Patriots opportunities for marketing, sales, fan events, and co-marketing relationships with other entertainment properties in Germany.

Expanding into the German market is a particularly exciting opportunity for KSE, given the rising popularity of American football in the country. Factors such as social media and the availability of American football games on German TV have contributed to a growing fan base.

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A playbook for international growth with G-P

To pave the way into Germany, KSE recognized the need to hire a local expert. In early 2023, KSE leadership met with a talented candidate who appeared to be an excellent match for the role. To expedite the hiring process and navigate international labor laws, KSE turned to G-P, its existing Gillette Stadium naming rights partner, for expert international Employer of Record (EOR) services and technology.

“New laws, new pay practices, new benefit programs – every country has different regulations to abide by,” said Miranda MacKenzie, Director of Benefits, Compensation, and Systems at the Kraft Group & Affiliates, parent company of KSE.

A top priority for us was finding an EOR partner that would uphold our standards for employee treatment and truly collaborate with us, rather than simply handling administrative tasks. Luckily for us, G-P fit that bill.

Miranda MacKenzie

Director of Benefits, Compensation, and Systems at the Kraft Group & Affiliates

G-P is a global employment pioneer and recognized leader in the EOR industry, enabling companies like KSE to quickly hire, onboard and manage employees anywhere in the world without setting up local entities. Today, KSE leverages the premium features and expert guidance provided by G-P Meridian Prime™ to simplify complexities and mitigate risks associated with global expansion and employment.

Touching down in new territories

Thanks to its partnership with G-P, KSE quickly onboarded its local employee to manage the Patriots’ operations in Germany. The addition of an employee local to Germany has proven instrumental in engaging with and recruiting new fans, navigating cultural nuances, expanding business networks, and promoting the Patriots to cultivate a loyal following in this key market.

“Having a local representative in Germany allows us to establish a genuine connection with our international fans,” said Joe Dorant, Senior Director of Sales Operations at KSE.

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Hiring global talent through G-P is as easy as it is impactful – we’ve been able to build the best team to engage with our fans and clients in new markets on an organic level.

Joe Dorant

Senior Director of Sales Operations at KSE

KSE’s decision to work with G-P as its EOR has eased the transition to global expansion. G-P’s global HR expertise ensures compliance with international legal and regulatory landscapes. From crafting contracts to implementing compliant pay practices and benefits programs, G-P provides KSE with the confidence needed to grow globally.

“With their preexisting global presence and expertise in the diverse rules and regulations in new countries, partnering with G-P empowers us to expand our footprint seamlessly,” MacKenzie said. “Using G-P’s platform makes it easy to onboard employees, securely manage their information, ensure accurate pay approvals, and address employee queries. It also includes a wealth of information related to laws and HR considerations for each country – it’s an essential resource.”

G-P’s commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction extends beyond supporting the KSE hiring team. It also instills trust and confidence in the talented professionals hired through G-P, fostering a sense of belonging within the KSE organization and creating a supportive environment.

“If I ever need assistance with an HR administrative task, G-P does an excellent job supporting me,” said Christopher Knower, Germany Operations Manager at KSE. “While I’m officially employed through G-P, I’m fully immersed within the KSE culture and feel 100% like a member of the team.”

“It was important for us to find an EOR partner who would treat our employees how we expect them to be treated,” added MacKenzie.

The most important thing about HR is making sure that we're caring for our most important resource as a company — our employees. With G-P, we feel like we were putting our staff in good hands.

Miranda MacKenzie

Director of Benefits, Compensation, and Systems at the Kraft Group & Affiliates

Expansion plans set for global fandom

To continue accelerating global fandom, KSE expanded their global market efforts into Switzerland and Austria, when they were granted the rights to those two countries in April of 2023 by the NFL. The opportunity for further global expansion is laden with potential, and the KSE team is eager to engage with even more American football followers around the globe.

“G-P streamlines our international hiring process, allowing us to focus on growing our global presence and fan base,” said MacKenzie. “We’re eager to continue our partnership with G-P to support our employees and continue the seamless growth in new markets.”

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