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Argentina Work Visas & Permits

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Any company sending foreign employees to work in Argentina must acquire work permits to stay compliant. While Argentina does not have strict permit requirements, obtaining a work visa is a notably long and involved process. Plus, your company will need a local corporate entity in the country to sponsor the Argentina work permits.

Globalization Partners can care of all this and more on behalf of your company. You won’t need to establish a subsidiary, as you can use our existing Argentina PEO. Since we act as the Employer of Record, we’ll hire employees and sponsor them for you, so you can have ultimate peace of mind about your expansion.

What Types of Argentina Work Visas Are There?

Most employees planning to work in Argentina longer than 90 days will need a 23 A or 23 E visa. The 23 A visa applies to the majority of people moving to Argentina for a salaried activity that lasts one year. If needed, employees can extend this visa for longer. The 23 E visa is specific to scientists, specialists, some managers, technicians, and administrative staff. If your employees fall into any of these categories, they may need to apply for a 23 E visa.

Certain expats from other South American countries, such as Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, do not need to acquire any of the above visas. Citizens from MERCOSUR — the South American customs union — countries should go to their closest Argentine mission and ask about the MERCOSUR visa.

What Are the Requirements to Obtain a Work Visa in Argentina?

Your employees will need to meet several requirements before applying for a working visa in Argentina. First, they need to obtain an entry permit, also known as the permiso de ingreso. As the employer, remember that you, your office in Argentina, or an Argentine immigration lawyer must handle this step. You can even apply for the permit on behalf of your employees. It will then be sent to the consulate or uploaded to a visa application system once it’s ready.

All candidates working under a foreign work contract must get the contract translated into Spanish. Then, the Argentina chamber of commerce will sign and certify it. Contracts must include information about a candidate’s period of employment, details of the company, names of all dependents, and evidence of a social security fund. Your company should then send the files to the Argentine consulate in the employee’s home country.

Application Process: How to Get a Work Visa in Argentina

Once employees receive their residence permit, they need to apply for the work visa at the Argentinian consulate in their country of residence. The application process includes attending a personal interview with the consulate’s staff and paying all relevant application fees. Employees will also need to present certain documents, including:

  • A valid passport
  • Three passport photos
  • Notarized certification of the company’s intra-company transfer or an employer-signed employment contract
  • Their birth certificate
  • A marriage certificate or divorce decree, if applicable
  • A certificate of good conduct
  • An affidavit showing that they don’t have an international police record
  • An official certified copy of degree certificate or professional credentials

Other Important Considerations

After arriving in Argentina, your employees will need to obtain a Documento nacional de identidad (DNI) at the National Registry of People in Buenos Aires, also known as the Registro Nacional de Identificación y Estado Civil. While the application process is fast, employees must pay a fee.

Any spouses, parents, and children under 18 should apply for a visa as dependents and submit the paperwork at the same time as your employee. Lastly, employees must register with ANSES, also known as the Argentine social security fund, and apply for a Código Unico de Identificación Laboral (CUIL), which is similar to a social security number.

Work With Globalization Partners

As global expansion experts, we can help make your transition to Argentina quick and much less stressful. In addition to ensuring that all of your employees have the proper Argentina working visas, we can handle payroll, compensation, benefits, and the structure of your entity. Reach out to us today to learn more about our complete Global Expansion Platform™ and how it can help your company grow.

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