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Growing a business in Argentina is an exciting time for a company. One of the first things a company might do is try to recruit and hire employees in Argentina. However, before starting the hiring process, companies must understand the country’s various employment laws and other cultural nuances that could impact how they recruit and hire employees.

Recruiting in Argentina

Argentina has several avenues for advertising open positions. Newspapers are still popular in the country, including circulations such as La Nación and El Clarín. However, trends are changing and more people are using professional social networks. Still, LinkedIn is one of the least effective methods of job searching in Argentina.

Speculative applications are also common in the country. If you’re in charge of staffing and recruiting for a business in Argentina, you could receive applicants by mail and online. You should always look through these applications, as some might be valuable additions to your team.

Companies can also work with a staffing agency that handles both short- and long-term employment — many are internationally known companies. Since many job candidates call directly or send speculative applications, companies may not have much luck working with a local recruitment agency.

Legal and background checks

While recruiting in Argentina, employers must follow certain laws to ensure compliance. Employers cannot perform a criminal background check on any candidate whether hiring them directly or using a vendor. Employers can request a background check personally or go through a legal representative.

However, employers must conduct a pre-employment medical exam to determine if the employee is fit to work and free of prior health conditions.

Laws against discrimination in Argentina

When interviewing, employers cannot ask or put any discriminatory questions on an application. Discrimination based on gender, age, race, nationality, religion, political affiliation, or union membership is prohibited. Avoid discussing age, gender, politics, religious beliefs, or marital status.

How to hire employees in Argentina

The Argentina Constitution, international treaties, the Employment Contract Law, multiple federal statutes, and Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) create the basis for Argentina’s employment laws. The National Ministry of Labor enforces these regulations.

Although verbal employment contracts are allowed, it’s best to have a written agreement at the time of hiring employees in Argentina. Once employers hire an employee, they need to immediately register them in the Special Payroll Book, which the Ministry of Labor oversees.

Argentina employment laws

Once you learn how to hire employees in Argentina, staying within the country’s employment law through every step of the process is essential. Some employees might ask to get paid in U.S. dollars directly to their bank accounts since Argentina’s inflation rate continually fluctuates, but it is important to note that paying employees in an international currency has restrictions and is subject to certain requirements.

Onboarding in Argentina

After hiring employees in Argentina and setting up payroll, employers will need to prepare to onboard employees. While there is no right or wrong way to bring on new employees, these tips can help:

  • Review the employment contract together before or during the employee’s first official day
  • Send the employee a list of expectations or review them together on their first day
  • Hire a translator to help communicate with the new employees, if needed

Benefits of using an employer of record in Argentina

When your partner with an employer of record like G-P, we help you find and hire top talent to grow your company and drive success. Finding the best employees is especially crucial to get a business in a new country off the ground. One of the most significant benefits of partnering with an EOR in Argentina is that you do not need to learn all the ins and outs of the country’s employment laws. Our industry-leading platform and team of in-region specialists make it quick and easy to hire your ideal candidates compliantly.

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