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Belarus Recruiting & Hiring

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Employment compliance laws are tricky no matter what country you choose for your expansion. You have to learn a whole new set of customs and laws while trying to run your company’s new location. Instead of taking the time to learn how to hire Belarus employees, you can outsource your hiring with Globalization Partners. We’ll use our Employer of Record platform to hire Belarus employees on your behalf and meet or exceed the country’s employment compliance laws. As a result, your only worry can be growing your company.

Recruiting in Belarus

As you start meeting with potential hires in Belarus, you’ll find that an understanding of the country’s business etiquette and culture significantly improves the experience. A slight cultural misunderstanding can cause your company to miss out on a great employee if you’re not careful. Consider these guidelines as you begin the process of staffing and recruiting in Belarus.

1. Use Direct Communication

In business settings, Belarusians tend to be fairly straightforward in their communication. While you don’t want to be rude, using indirect language and beating around the bush won’t earn you many points with prospective employees. You should also know that Belarusians can sometimes come across as commanding in requests they make and questions they ask. This style of communication might come across as rude if you’re not expecting it, but it’s generally not intended to be.

2. Understand the Etiquette Surrounding Handshakes

As in many other countries, handshakes are the preferred greeting when you’re meeting a potential hire in Belarus. That said, you should be aware of a few gender-based traditions.

When two men greet each other in Belarus, they typically use a firm handshake while maintaining direct eye contact. Two women will often greet each other with a simple handshake and a nod. However, men and women usually do not shake hands during an initial meeting in the country. A man should wait to let the woman initiate the handshake. If she doesn’t, a simple nod is fine for a greeting.

3. Be Punctual

In Belarus, it’s important to start business meetings and interviews when you say you will. Still, most Belarusians will understand if a circumstance outside of your control causes you to be a bit behind schedule. If you’re running late, be sure to let the candidate know about the delay as soon as possible.

A Look at the Recruitment Process in Belarus

In addition to understanding Belarusian culture, you and your recruiting team should take some time to learn the practical aspects and logistics of recruiting and staffing in the country. It’s crucial to put some thought into the recruitment channels you use as well as your legal responsibilities as the employer.

Strategies for Staffing in Belarus

When it comes to sourcing talent in Belarus, your options are similar to those in other countries. Many Belarusian job seekers will begin their search by looking for open positions on job boards, so it’s a good idea to advertise your company’s openings online.

You can also outsource the staffing and recruiting process by using a local recruitment agency. If you choose to take this route, make sure the agency is qualified to give you the results you want. You should also be wary of agencies with hidden fees. If you’re thinking about outsourcing recruitment, consider partnering with a global PEO that offers it as part of their hiring solution.

Legal Requirements for Staffing and Recruiting in Belarus

The Belarusian constitution states that all are equal and protected from discrimination. The country’s labor laws prohibit discrimination based on a number of characteristics, including:

  • National origin
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Language 
  • Political views
  • Physical or mental nature
  • Property or official status
  • Participation or non-participation in trade unions 

There are very few exceptions to these laws, including cases where candidates are excluded due to the inherent requirements of the job. To stay compliant, you should avoid mentioning any of these protected characteristics in job listings and asking questions about them during meetings and interviews.

How to Hire Belarus Employees

Hiring employees in Belarus needs to start with an understanding of the country’s culture. You should always schedule business meetings in advance, and people appreciate when a mutual acquaintance makes the appointment. The acquaintance can explain who you are, the purpose of the meeting, and other relevant details.

Belarusian companies value bureaucracy, and negotiations typically take a long time. It’s important to stay patient and even concede on certain points to get a positive deal. Belarusians’ communication style tends to favor indirect interactions, so make sure you watch body language during conversations to hire employees in Belarus successfully.

Belarus Employment Compliance Laws

Employment compliance laws in Belarus include hiring employees under an employment contract that includes everything from termination terms to compensation levels. These contracts typically extend for an indefinite duration, but you can also choose to use a fixed-term contract of no more than five years, a fixed-term contract for a specific project, a seasonal work contract, or another option.

Over 95% of Belarus’ population belongs to trade unions, which have their own Belarus employment compliance laws. Salaries depend on collective labor agreements, labor remuneration agreements, and labor contracts. You should always check to see if employees are covered under a trade agreement before drafting an employment contract.

Onboarding Employees in This Country

Belarus employment compliance laws do not dictate the onboarding process. As an employer, you get to choose how to prepare employees for their new positions and introduce them to your company. However, you can take certain steps to make the experience as positive as possible for new employees, including:

  • Reviewing an employment contract
  • Setting up various training programs
  • Onboarding multiple employees at one time
  • Ensuring key company players are in Belarus for onboarding

Benefits of Belarus Hiring Outsourcing

It can often feel like a challenge to find the right employees and continue to focus on building your new location. That’s where Globalization Partners can step in with Belarus hiring outsourcing services. We’ll work hard to source the best talent for your company, then hire workers in a compliant manner. Your new employee will be productive sooner, and you won’t have to wait to establish a subsidiary in Belarus before working in the country.

Contact Globalization Partners for Help

Globalization Partners is the partner you need on your side for a quick and easy expansion to Belarus. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Belarus hiring outsourcing services.

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