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Boliviano (BOB)

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Employer of Record in Bolivia.

Country-specific labor laws create various obstacles for expanding international companies. Complying with standards that change between countries, states, and even municipalities is complex, and failing to do so can have consequences.

11Holidays per year
40to 48 hours per weekWorking hours per day or month
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Payroll in Bolivia.

When you employ a global workforce, you can manage their payroll in a few ways. Several of those strategies create administrative burdens for your team, and others incur high fees for a third party’s services. Plus, few solutions free your company from legal responsibility in the event of oversight or noncompliance.

Hiring in BoBolivia.

Hiring is a complicated process. Being able to navigate the complexity of international hiring improves your company’s reputation. However, preparing to hire for a new country is time-consuming, and handling these responsibilities can burden your team.

Compensation & Benefits in Bolivia.

Understanding national employment laws is essential when your company has a global workforce. You must follow the compensation and benefits regulations in each country where you have employees. Some of your responsibilities include paying workers the minimum wage and offering benefits.

BOB2,362 per monthMinimum wage per month
15daysAnnual vacation leave (min)

Bolivia Subsidiary.

Bolivia is an increasingly popular destination for companies that want to test unsaturated markets. As a member of the World Trade Organization, the nation has seen more trade and improved business opportunities.

Work visas & permits in BoliviaTypes of work visasRequirements to obtain a visaApplication processImportant considerations

Bolivia Visas & Permits.

If you want to expand your company into new, unsaturated markets, building a global workforce is your first step.


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