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Czech Republic Hiring

Hiring employees for your team isn’t a task to take lightly. Finding the right candidates will ensure your new location in the Czech Republic runs smoothly and grows. Plus, you need to stay compliant while hiring Czech Republic employees or you’ll face costly fines or other delays.

Instead of spending a significant amount of time learning how to hire Czech Republic employees, you can work with Globalization Partners. We’ll hire employees using our existing subsidiary and assign those employees to work for you. Our experts understand all Czech Republic employment compliance laws and will make sure you stay compliant so that you can run your company without additional hassles.

How to Hire Workers in the Czech Republic

Business in the Czech Republic is often slow, and you’ll need patience to hire employees. Czechs are non-confrontational and usually feel uncomfortable with back and forth negotiations. Whenever you make a presentation, you should include plenty of detailed data to back up your claims.

Punctuality is also important in this country. You should set meetings up far in advance and take care not to schedule business appointments or meetings on Friday afternoons, as many take the afternoon off and go to the countryside. Talking about personal subjects with your business partners is generally frowned upon, and you should instead talk about politics, sports, and similar topics.

Czech Republic Employment Compliance Laws

The biggest Czech Republic employment compliance law is that you must hire employees using a strong, written employment contract. These contracts are usually indefinite, but you can use a fixed-term contract as long as it’s no longer than two years. All contracts should include a job description, start date, location, notice period, compensation amount, collective bargaining information, and probationary periods if applicable. All salary and compensation amounts must be in Czech koruna.

Ways to Onboard Employees

All companies in the Czech Republic have to register employees with local authorities within eight days of them starting their position. If your new hire is an expatriate, they need to provide a passport, signed working contract, and working permit. EU citizens do not need a working permit, but they still need to get registered and provide authorized confirmation in the country where they’re registered.

After you meet the Czech Republic’s employment compliance laws related to onboarding, you can choose the best way to introduce employees to your company. We recommend reviewing the employment contract, providing job training, and introducing new hires to other employees during their first day or week.

Benefit of Czech Republic Hiring Outsourcing Services

Choosing Czech Republic hiring outsourcing services with Globalization Partners can help you hire top talent and give them a positive hiring experience from start to finish. Employees will be able to stay productive from the beginning, and you won’t have to worry about meeting Czech Republic employment compliance laws.

Partner With Globalization Partners Today

Globalization Partners will help you start working faster without the hassle of compliance. Reach out to us today to learn more about Czech Republic hiring outsourcing.

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