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Dominican Republic Hiring

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When you start your work in the Dominican Republic, you’ll soon need a staff of people behind you. Human capital is the most important resource your company has, and you need to invest time in the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes. That said, many companies don’t have the time to devote to hiring while also setting up payroll, creating a benefits plan, and establishing a subsidiary.

Globalization Partners makes it easier for countries to expand by handling hiring. When you choose Dominican Republic hiring outsourcing with our team, we’ll recruit talented team members to join your company or onboard the ones you’ve already chosen. We’ll hire your employees through our existing infrastructure and assign them to work for your company for a positive hiring experience and diminished worries about compliance.

How to Hire Dominican Republic Employees

Learning how to hire Dominican Republic employees typically starts with an employment contract. We strongly recommend creating a written labor agreement and registering it at the Ministry of Labor when you hire a new employee. While you can have a verbal agreement, a judge will not consider it if an employee testifies in court.

Employment contract types include unlimited time, limited time, and pre-determined work or service agreements. No matter what type of contract you choose, you need to include important employment information, such as working hours, salary, benefits, termination requirements, and more. Make sure all contracts are in the employee’s language, and list salary and compensation amounts in Dominican pesos.

Dominican Republic Employment Compliance Laws

When you hire Dominican Republic employees, you need to make sure you follow the right laws throughout their tenure with your company. Keep in mind that minors between 16 and 18 are allowed to work as long as their parents give written authorization. Otherwise, employees can only legally work once they’re 18.

All companies must ensure that 80% of employees are Dominican citizens, except at managerial levels. Employees typically work 44 hours a week and eight hours a day. However, part-time employees are limited to 29 hours a week.

How Do You Onboard Employees in This Country?

After recruiting and hiring, you need to onboard employees carefully. This process can start employees off on a positive note or make them second guess their decision to come to your company. Create clear employment boundaries by reviewing the employment contract and having employees sign the agreement. Then, enroll employees in a training program and create events to help them bond with other new hires.

The Benefit of Dominican Republic Hiring Outsourcing

Dominican Republic hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners will give you the benefit of working fast. You won’t need to set up a subsidiary, as you can use our entity, and we’ll shoulder all compliance on your behalf. Without worrying about Dominican Republic employment compliance, you can focus your time on growing your company.

Trust the Globalization Partners Team

Globalization Partners will make sure the right employees join your team. Contact us today to learn more about Dominican Republic hiring outsourcing.

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