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Ghana Recruiting & Hiring

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Out of all the tasks you need to complete as part of your expansion, hiring is one of the most important. Your new employees in Ghana will help you build a global company while taking some of the stress off your shoulders. However, you need to hire Ghana employees while handling everything from compensation to payroll and meeting Ghana’s employment compliance laws.

Globalization Partners will give your company a jump start through Ghana hiring outsourcing. We’ll use our PEO to hire employees who work for your business. As a result, you won’t have to worry about recruiting, meeting the country’s employment compliance laws, or spending time creating your own subsidiary.

Recruiting in Ghana

When you’re staffing and recruiting in Ghana, it’s important to keep cultural differences in mind. You may be an expert at hiring employees in your country of residence, but candidates in Ghana could be approaching meetings and interviews with a completely different mindset. Business etiquette and workplace culture can vary significantly.

Keep the following tips in mind as you start the process of recruiting.

1. Avoid Scheduling Meetings Back to Back

Most people in this country have a flexible mindset when it comes to time management. Being a few minutes late to a meeting or interview is not considered unusual in Ghana. Meetings often start late and run past the scheduled time for this reason. You should give yourself a buffer between appointments to account for last-minute scheduling changes. That said, if you are a bit late for a meeting with a candidate, they probably won’t be offended.

2. Expect a Less Direct Communication Style

In professional settings, Ghanaians will often use indirect language to avoid offending anyone. They may not like to say “no” directly, and you might hear an analogy or a roundabout response at times. Some candidates may avoid answering a question if they don’t feel comfortable or if they suspect that you won’t like the answer. 

3. Avoid Using Your Left Hand

The left hand is considered unclean. You should avoid using it whenever you can. For example, you’ll want to shake hands and exchange business cards with your right hand. If you’re sharing a meal with candidates or new hires, you should use your right hand when passing dishes.

4. Start Every Meeting With Small Talk

Many people will be taken aback if you launch right into business at the start of a meeting or interview. Instead, you should take some time to exchange pleasantries and make small talk — especially when you’re meeting a prospective employee for the first time.

About the Recruitment Process

In addition to learning about Ghanian culture and etiquette, your recruiting team should spend time considering the practical aspects of recruiting. Do you know where to look for talent in Ghana? If not, do you know what your options are when it comes to outsourcing recruitment services? How familiar are you with your legal obligations as an employer? You want to be able to answer all of these questions before you travel to begin the recruitment process.

Networking and connecting with highly qualified employees can be challenging in a country where you don’t have any business connections. For this reason, some international companies choose to work with traditional recruiting firms. Another option is working with a local Employer of Record that will recruit and hire team members on your company’s behalf. Keep in mind that a recruiting agency won’t take on the risks and responsibilities of compliance for you, whereas an Employer of Record will.

Legal Requirements for Staffing and Recruiting in Ghana

The constitution and labor laws protect employees and candidates from discrimination. The laws specifically mention several protected characteristics, including:

  • Ethnic origin
  • Race
  • Color
  • Sex
  • Religion
  • Creed
  • Social or economic status
  • Political opinion

Persons with disabilities also have specific protections in the workplace. It’s important to make sure your business complies with all of these legal requirements from day one of staffing. Failure to do so could result in operational delaysand heftyfines for your company.

How to Hire Employees in Ghana

You must hire all Ghana employees using a written employment contract in English. Use the contract to spell out important employment terms, including compensation, benefits, termination requirements, working hours, and more. Keep in mind that all offer letters and contracts should include monetary amounts in Ghanaian cedi.

There are some trade unions within Ghana that you need to be aware of. If your industry or employees belong to a trade union, you have to follow the union’s separate Ghana employment compliance laws.

Ghana’s Employment Compliance Laws

Ghana’s Labor Act 651 of 2003 outlines all the country’s employment compliance laws and labor issues. You can find all laws related to labor, employers, trade unions, and industrial relations within the act. It’s important to note that you have to follow additional Ghana employment compliance laws if you want to hire an expatriate. That employee must get a work permit or immigrant quota that specifies the employee’s job title and indicates that you’re the employer.

Ways to Onboard Employees

Your company can onboard its employees in the way you see fit. However, we do recommend taking certain steps to help your employees become comfortable with your company and their new jobs. Start an employee’s first day by reviewing their employment contract and any other vital company documents. Then you can create a training program that prepares employees to stay successful in their jobs.

Depending on the size of your subsidiary, you can try to travel to Ghana to welcome new employees personally. If you’re only onboarding a few employees, you can schedule a meeting to introduce them to your company and encourage all new employees to meet each other.

Benefits of Choosing Ghana Hiring Outsourcing

Choosing Ghana hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners will save you time and additional hassle. Instead of spending months or up to a year trying to establish your own subsidiary, you can use our existing Ghana PEO for your expansion. When you choose Ghana hiring outsourcing with us, your employees will have a great hiring experience and can start working immediately. As the Employer of Record, we’ll handle all Ghana employment compliance laws as well.

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