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Honduras Hiring

Hiring new employees who are talented and dedicated to your company’s success is important for the health of your company. Once you decide to expand, you need to find the right candidates and also learn Honduras’ employment compliance laws. Globalization Partners has extensive knowledge of how to hire Honduras employees, and we also take on all compliance as the Employer of Record, so you can focus on growing your company if you work with us.

How to Hire Honduras Employees

While Honduras is an attractive location for an expansion thanks to its talented workforce, labor laws tend to favor employees over employers. Collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) and labor unions are strong in Honduras and can impact the working relationship between you and employee. Always take these factors into account before hiring an employee in Honduras and extending an offer letter.

Honduras requires all employers to draft a strong employment contract that includes information about compensation, benefits, termination, and more. You should also include all salary and other compensation amounts in Honduran lempira instead of another currency. Also, keep in mind that your written employment contract needs to line up with any CBA or labor union guidelines.

Honduras Employment Compliance Laws

To stay within Honduras’ employment compliance laws, you have to understand the aspects of an employment offer. Employees in Honduras must receive 13th- and 14th-month bonuses, which you should factor into your budget. Your offer letter should state whether the salary amount includes these bonuses or not.

Employers must pay employees every 15 days or monthly. You should work this schedule out individually with all your employees to see which option they prefer. Then, include the agreed-upon schedule in your written employment contract that the employee signs before their first day.

How to Onboard Employees

Your company does not need to onboard employees in one specific way. Honduras will allow you to hire employees and onboard them in the best way for your company. However, you can follow certain procedures that will make employees feel more comfortable and save you time.

We recommend reviewing employment contracts with employees on their first day since Honduras employment compliance laws are complicated. You should also take that time to outline company policies such as dress code, working hours, termination terms, and more. If you can travel to Honduras for an employee’s first day or week, you should clear your schedule to be there, but you can also coordinate the schedule with another company executive.

Benefits of Honduras Hiring Outsourcing

Instead of hiring employees yourself, you can opt for Honduras hiring outsourcing through a local company or a global PEO. A local Honduras hiring agency can help you find talented candidates, but they can’t shoulder compliance for you. Globalization Partners can. As a global PEO, we’ll hire employees on your behalf and act as the Employer of Record, so all compliance will fall to us instead of you.

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