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Italy Hiring

Italy has extensive employment laws as well as a strong connection to collective bargaining agreements (CBAs). Both can make hiring employees and following every Italy employment compliance law difficult. When you need help finding top talent and bringing them onto your team, Globalization Partners can help. We’ll locate the best candidates for your business and hire them on your behalf, so you don’t have to carry the liability on your shoulders.

How to Hire Employees in Italy

Unions, worker councils, and CBAs represent most of Italy’s workforce depending on the type of job. Employers must follow their rules as well as any Italy employment compliance regulations concerning minimum wage, compensation, and time off. If your company is not a member of a national CBA, then you will not have to adhere to the CBA’s rules.

Drafting an employment contract is a legal requirement whenever you hire employees in Italy. This agreement should spell out everything from compensation to benefits to termination terms. If you mention a CBA in the employment contract, you must abide by all of its rules. You should always state any salary or bonus amounts in euros.

Italy Employment Compliance

Both employers and employees need to follow certain steps to stay compliant. For example, employees need to give employers specific personal data before their first day. The employer must then provide this data to the correct local authorities before the employee’s start date. Employers must also give information to the Insurance Institute and the Labor Agency. Any lapse in providing this information by the deadlines can lead to hefty fines.

How to Successfully Onboard Employees

If you are new to conducting business in Italy, understanding the country’s culture and workplace practices is essential. It’s a good idea to hire someone well-versed in both Italy employment compliance and the more subtle aspects of the country’s culture as it relates to work. Make sure this individual is at the subsidiary for an employee’s first day or even first week to make them feel comfortable.

Here are some additional ways to onboard employees:

  • Sit down with the employee and go over the employment contract before their first day
  • Review any other relevant company documents such as a code of conduct

Benefits of Italy Hiring Outsourcing

With so many different laws and rules to consider, companies can significantly benefit from choosing Italy hiring outsourcing services. Globalization Partners can help you recruit the best talent and employ them for you, so you won’t have to worry about how to hire employees in Italy. We also act as your Employer of Record, so all compliance needs fall to us instead of you.

Why Globalization Partners?

Globalization Partners knows what it takes to expand to a new country. We’re here to help you hire employees and follow every law. Contact us today for more information about our Italy hiring outsourcing services.

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