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Latvia Recruiting & Hiring

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Once you decide to expand to Latvia, two of the next tasks you may think about arerecruiting and hiring employees. Your employees are your greatest asset, and you need to find the right team members who will help build a new location. However, it’s difficult to hire employees in Latvia when you’re also trying to run several company locations and keep up with the country’s compliance laws.

Globalization Partners can step in to help with Latvia hiring outsourcing services. As a global PEO, we can make it easier for you to expand to new countries by utilizing our existing subsidiaries. When you work with us for your Latvia expansion, you can start operating in a few days instead of a few months, and you won’t have to worry about compliance.

Recruiting in Latvia

Latvia has a small population, making it even more important to understand the country’s culture for a successful recruiting process. Staffing and recruiting for your company are easier when you understand the right business etiquette and culture. Plus, demonstrating respect for the culture will help you connect with prospective candidates and showcase your empathy as an employer. 

Below are three things to know about the country’s business culture. 

1. Use Direct Communication for Business Topics

Latvians mimic Germans in terms of acting reserved and not expressing emotions in public. You can expect people to say little and get straight to the point in business discussions. Using a direct approach is best for successful business discussions, even if this directness can be perceived as rude. No one will try to hurt someone’s feelings during an initial meeting, but they will say what they’re thinking and expect you to do the same. 

2. Keep Meetings Short

Meetings are usually short, and everyone is expected to come prepared with all the relevant information easily accessible. Whenever you meet with a candidate, present all the facts about the job and make sure you can answer any direct questions on the spot. Some people may immediately leave a meeting or cancel any negotiations if they feel your presentation is not credible. The country’s overall business style is hierarchical, so people will expect top management to make significant business decisions. 

3. Wear Formal Attire

Since business is taken seriously, cleanliness and tidiness are important for creating a positive first impression. Men will typically wear suits and a tie while women will wear jackets and skirts or suits. Clothing reflects status in the country, so many people will wear expensive clothing, shoes, and accessories, and women will wear gold jewelry and use strong perfumes. Business people will follow a less formal dress code once in the office, and smaller businesses may have no formal dress code. 

The Recruitment Process in Latvia

Since Latvia has a small economy, it can be difficult to find top talent for niche positions at a reasonable salary. If you need to recruit professionals in a narrow specialization, you can either carry out market research to determine the availability of those people or attract talented candidates and provide a robust training program to prepare them for the job. 

Many people speak more than one language, which can help you recruit without needing an interpreter. Russian, English, and German are the most common languages, so make sure you know what dialect candidates speak to communicate with them effectively. 

New Regulations for Expats

Your recruiting efforts in Latvia may include hiring individuals from other countries. Starting at the end of 2019, the country instituted new policies to make it easier to hire expats. This can also help fill the employment gap and small economy. If you want to hire someone outside of the country, you must advertise the vacancy with the Employment Agency for 10 days. You won’t need to present documents on the nonresident’s education or experience for certain positions, including cleaners, gardeners, and seasonal workers. 

Age Regulations

Section 37 of the Labor Law prohibits you from staffing your business with any permanent worker who is under 15 years old or is continuing to acquire their basic education until reaching 18. One exception is that children 13 or older can work outside of school hours with written consent from their parents or guardian. The work must also be light work that would not harm their safety, health, morals, or development. Children can also work as a performer for cultural, artistic, sporting, or advertising activities as long as a parent or guardian gives written consent, and it will not harm the child or interfere with their education. 

How to Hire Employees in Latvia

You need to hire all of your Latvian employees using an employment contract that’s either indefinite or fixed-term. The country’s labor laws allow fixed-term contracts only under specific circumstances, so you should check to see if your situation applies. All employment contracts should include information about compensation, benefits, termination, and more. We also recommend including any salary, compensation, or monetary bonus amounts in Euro instead of any other currency.

Latvia Employment Compliance Laws

Latvia’s employment compliance laws change depending on a worker’s nationality. If you want to hire someone who is a member of the European Union (EU), that person will not need a work permit. However, they’ll need to apply for a residence permit if they’re staying for longer than 90 days. Non-EU nationals need a work permit before they can start working in the country.

As an employer, you cannot discriminate during your recruitment process. For example, you can’t choose a candidate based on gender, race, color, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or any similar characteristic. If you fail to follow Latvia’s employment compliance laws, you could face fines or even delays.

Onboarding Employees in the Country

You can choose how you want to onboard employees and create a process that works best for your company. For example, if you’re hiring employees for highly specialized positions, you may want to put a job training program in place for employees to succeed. If you plan to operate a small subsidiary in Latvia, you could plan to onboard several employees at one time. Then you can travel to Latvia to welcome them and also set up events for new employees to get to know each other.

Benefit of Latvia Hiring Outsourcing

If you aren’t sure how to hire employees in Latvia or simply don’t have the time for the onboarding process, Globalization Partners can help. We’ll hire employees who work for your company — either recruiting top talent or onboarding your preferred candidates. When you choose Latvia hiring outsourcing with us, you won’t have to worry about compliance — we’ll act as the Employer of Record.

Work With Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners will make it easy to meet Latvia’s employment compliance laws even while you’re focused on running your company. Contact us today for more information.

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