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Lithuania Hiring

Learning how to hire employees in Lithuania is important for the health of your company. You need to find the right candidates, add them to your locally compliant payroll, and make sure you meet or exceed Lithuania’s employment compliance laws. Globalization Partners can help through our Lithuania hiring outsourcing services. We’ll manage employment contract best practices and hire talented candidates to work on your behalf. As a result, your employees will have a better hiring experience and be productive sooner in Lithuania, while you can have peace of mind about compliance.

How to Hire Employees in Lithuania

Lithuania employment compliance laws permit two types of contracts — fixed-term and indefinite. A fixed-term contract cannot exceed five years. No matter which contract you choose, it has to be written in Lithuanian and spell out everything from benefits to termination requirements. Both the employment contract and offer letter need to have compensation amounts listed in Euro instead of a foreign currency.

You can also choose to hire Lithuanian employees under a probation period. You have to set this time frame in an employment contract, and it cannot exceed three months. Lithuania allows probation periods for individuals under 18, when employing someone to a post by competition or election, and when employing someone due to a transfer by agreement between employers.

Lithuania Employment Compliance Laws

According to Lithuania’s employment compliance laws, your employees can’t exceed 40 hours of work a week and eight hours a day. However, some sectors — such as childcare, healthcare, specialized communications services, and more — may require employees to work up to 24 hours a day. Employees can work overtime, but they cannot exceed 48 hours per seven working days.

Lithuania does not have many collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) or trade unions, but you should still check to see if your industry or employees will be covered by one. These agreements can change your employment compliance laws in the country, so it’s important to stay on top of any changes.

How Do You Onboard Employees in Lithuania?

After learning how to hire Lithuanian employees, you need to onboard them and make them comfortable. We recommend reviewing employment contracts with every employee on their first day to make sure they agree with all the terms. You can also provide training during the employee’s first week or month to help them succeed.

Benefits of Choosing Lithuania Hiring Outsourcing

Choosing Lithuania hiring outsourcing can help you achieve even more benefits. You can work with a hiring outsourcing firm to find top talent, but you’ll still be responsible for Lithuania employment compliance. As a global PEO, Globalization Partners offers a better solution. We can hire employees to work on your behalf, ensuring complete compliance throughout the process. You get the benefit of productive, tenacious employees, and you also won’t have to endure the stress of compliance.

Work With Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners can help make hiring Lithuanian employees easier. Contact us today to learn more about Lithuania hiring outsourcing and get started on this process.

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